Understanding Abstract Art Better

Understanding Abstract Art Better

In abstract art or abstractionism, ideas and concepts prevail to the detriment of a figurative representation of visible reality.

Abstract art is a modern style that opposes realism and photography, in this way, it is necessary to use imagination and understanding beyond what logic gives us to admire an abstract art or painting or work.

Within visual arts, abstract art is best known for its expressions in the field of plastic (painting, sculpture), but there are other aspects of art that have also developed abstractionist tendencies such as, for example, in architecture, in performing arts (dance, music) and in literature.

Abstract Art History

Abstract art, as such, already existed since prehistory if we take the art forms of lost civilizations such as rock art.

As an artistic trend, it originates at the beginning of the 20th century, taking force in 1910 with the works Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) in Munich.

Following and taking as inspiration the avant-garde or avant-garde movements such as expressionism, cubism, and fauvism also opposes figurative art by enhancing emotions, concepts and unconscious.

Here is some product that could help you with your interest in abstract art.

Abstract Art Book For Drawing And Coloring Educational Book

Product Description

This product is a good buy for parents with small children. Art is an important subject for all students at school whether they like it or not. These books will help your child understand and create art better. The unique selling point of these books is that any drawing made on them vanishes after 8 minutes when the book is kept at normal room temperature. Therefore it results in no mess which usually happens to all drawing books of children.

Understanding Abstract Art Better
Understanding Abstract Art Better


It comes with a watermark pen which helps to see the paintings.

The books are available in six different variants with different topics such as numbers, animals, etc.

The book is not only a drawing book but also an educational book for the mental development of your child.

     This book is not only economic but will also be advantageous for the proper growth of your child.

Abstract Art Coloring Book For Kids Drawing Board

Product Description

Coloring books for kids is important for them especially during their younger ages. This coloring book does not create any sort of mess which is usually done by small children. Along with the drawing book, there is also a magic pen. The drawing book is a watermarked book in which drawings can be available only with a particular color.

Understanding Abstract Art Better
Understanding Abstract Art Better


This coloring book will bring interest in children for art.

The book will help children create better art. This will also increase their mental ability and imagination.

The coloring book is mess-free and is portable. You can carry this book on vacation also.

The coloring book will be a perfect gift for your child. It will also keep your child busy at all times.

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