Top Art Supply Gifts For Artists in 2022

Art Supply Gifts

What would be the best gift to buy for your artist pals on their next birthday? You can get anything but of course don’t want that to be an ordinary one. Artists are supposed to have a particular taste in everything and would love to have something which they can use to improve their skills and creativity. 

If your artist friend is still a beginner, you can get fresh art supplies such as a stylus pen, watercolor paper, and paintbrush cleaner to motivate and encourage the journey. However, if you are a friend of a professional artist, then an art station organizer, advanced tools, coffee table book, etc., would be promising findings. But before that, you have to be familiar with their tools to know which art gifts for artists are best. This post will share a few cool art supplies gift ideas to impress all creative souls. 

 Few tips for choosing the best gifts for artists: 

Following are a few basic tips that will help you to buy art supplies for Christmas gifts or for your birthday.  

  • Artists have preferred mediums or art types they love creating, so consider that preferred medium. If your friend loves to do sketching, then getting them sketching art supplies is the best idea.
  • An artist must have specific tools and supplies they need all the time for their work, so it’s a good idea to think about what your friend would need. If you don’t remember or know any, ask your friend. 
  • You can get a gift card to a local art store for them. It is a very convenient option for both parties. 
  • Artists love to keep fantastic stuff; they appreciate quirky gifts. So always search for something unique or unusual, and your friend will love it. 
  • If all the above tips don’t work for you, ask! 

Best art supply gift ideas: 

30 * 21.5cm Reusable Buddha Board Artist Board Paint For Children Students Z8E4:

art gift

Price: US$27.40 on eBay

Product Features: 

  • Easy to use: you need to fill the stand with water and dip the brush to paint and write on the board. After the evaporation, your painting will be wiped out then you can recreate it unlimited times.
  • Eco-friendly and reusable: Only water is used in it. No harmful chemicals, ink, or paints make this product eco-friendly and reusable. 
  • Quick decompression: when you draw something on the Buddha board, it will disappear due to evaporation, and you will feel relaxed, calmer, and clearer mind. Also, work as a stress releaser. 
  • Perfect Present for Artists: Buddha Boards are inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. It boosts inner peace and happiness and is also a fun thing to do. 
  • What’s inside the packaging? One drawing board, one brush board, and one stand.  
  • Also the best option for kids new to the doodle and painting world.

Pencil pen Stationery storage bag paint brush pouch tool cow Leather brown W52:

art gift

Price: US$20.90 on eBay

Product Features: 

  • Fabric: Manufactured with the first layer of cow leather. It is a buttery smooth full-grain leather pouch.
  • Color: the color may be slightly different from the original.
  • Uses: it can be used by painters and other artists who like to keep their art supplies while traveling. It is convenient and spacious. 
  • Customization: an amazing thing about leather bags are you can ask for customization up to three initials. You can ask for a person’s name to be written on the pouch. 
  • Interior: the interior is soft and can hold almost 20 brushes or pencils. It has two layers of pockets; one can keep brushes, colors, and other art supplies. 

Crayola Signature Brush and Detail Markers, Dual-Ended, Assorted Colors: 

art gift

Price: US$22.24 on eBay

Product Features: 

  • Dual-Ended Markers: dual-ended paint marker pens have a brush tip on one end and an ultra-thin tip on the other. This feature enables the user to quick switching from detail lines to bold strokes. 
  • Diverse uses: this versatile art marker is an excellent choice for lettering, calligraphy, writing, drawing, sketching, bullet journaling, adult coloring books, etc. 
  • 32 colors: the box has 16 paint markers. Each end has different colors; it provides 32 complementary colors in total.
  • The plastic box has separate slots which keep pens organized for traveling and storage. 
  • Premium dual-tip paint pens are the best drawing gift for 8 years and beyond

Sketch Pencils Set with Sketchbook, 41-Piece Professional Drawing Set, and a 50-S:

art gift

Price: US$30.71 on eBay

Product Features: 

  • Premium Quality: sketching kit is of premium quality and gives exact line drawing and high print effect, allowing you to blend and color quickly. 
  • Manufacturing: made from recycled wood, doesn’t break easily. Convenient for both kids and adults.
  •  Versatile and Portable: the versatile art set is designed for sketching, writing, drawing, and coloring for school projects and daily use. It comes with a solid compact case, making it portable and a good organizer. 
  • Gift: This kit is the perfect gift for adults and amateur artists on any occasion.
  • Items: the set has 41 pencils, erasers, blenders, A4 papers: 50 sketchbook sheets, and a nylon bag.

Sketching Drawing Pencils Set, Art Supplies Artist Sketch Kit for Kids, Adults: 

gift art

Price: US$24.69 on eBay

Product Features: 

  • Professional grade pencil set: the charcoal pencil set gives soft to medium and hard results to get high-quality and creative sketches. 
  • Versatile set: An accurate representation of versatile art set best for kids and adults, the organized art kit is best for school-going kids learning crafting and detailed sketching.
  • Items: the set includes 17 sketch pencils, 4  charcoal pencils, 3 paper pens, 2 erasers, 1 utility knife, and 1 pencil wrap. 
  • Travel-friendly storage box: The art kit comes with a zipper case that helps sort all your pencils, pens, knives, and other stuff well organized and easy to carry while traveling.


Hopefully, this post will be a helpful source for buying perfect gifts for artist friends. In this article we’ve discussed a few tips to choose the right present for your talented mate, later we mentioned a few art products along with their pros and cons and prices so you would consider these art supplies for your next purchase.  

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