The Ten Best Paintings of Today

famous artists and their work

Famous Artists and their works are a source of inspiration for most of us. There are those paintings, sculptures, photographic works, photographic expressions of an abstract nature that we admire the most. Many people do not know how to identify a particular type of artist. Some may even confuse them with a real artist only because they have the same work of art, but it bears no resemblance to the original artist’s expression. Famous works of art can be classified in various ways based on the medium through which it was created and the style of expression used by the artist.

Famous Artists And Their Work

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There have been many great painters who came up in the modern era of art. These artists made their mark in the history of art by expressing their ideas and delivering revolutionary creations. These artists have inspired millions of people across the world with their creativity. It is their ability to make art appealing to the masses that has earned them a place in the hearts of their admirers. Here are some of the famous artists and their famous paintings.


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The famous Dutch artist Rembrandt is widely recognized for his beautiful watercolor paintings. His unique style of painting earned him the reputation of being a master artist, and his watercolors are still sought after today. Other than his amazing artwork, he also contributed to the development of perspective in art.


France’s leading painter Matisse is also a famous artist. Known for his daring usage of color, Matisse made major contributions to the emerging art of Impressionism. His artwork can be found in most museums across the world. Some of his most famous paintings include The Night Cafe (otos de Muche), Le Voix de la Meuse (Wash), The Catacombs of Paris (Chateauneuf-Loritzky), Saint Nicolas (Starry Night), Sunrise Over the Rhone, Nocturne (Fare Avignon), The Virgin of Louvain, L’Hexagon (Sally Haute Couture), Manet, Sunrise, Vase With Two Flowers, Just Silk, and My Little Rose. In addition, Matisse was a key figure in the formation of Cubism.


Perhaps more so for British artists than Americans, William Defoe was a famous artist in his own right. A notable writer and illustrator, his illustrations helped to launch the careers of Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau, Edith Head, Walt Disney, and others. In addition, he produced a large number of prints that have been sold and displayed for decades.


French impressionist painter Renoir is another one of the most famous artists from the art world. Renoir’s artwork can be found in a number of studios and art galleries around the world. This artist worked with a variety of subjects, but his most famous subject was his beloved woman, Dora. Renoir’s artwork often focused on women’s features, natural landscapes, and portraits. It is no surprise then that his artwork is still sought after today by those looking to purchase a home decoration and decorative items.

Van Gogh:

Famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh was the main influence on many of today’s contemporary artists. Known for his colorful, bold, and unique artwork, van Gogh also created some of the most recognizable images of modern time. In addition, he was an innovative maker of clothing, shoes, and other objects. All of which made him a true renaissance man in the art world.


Even though Cezanne was only a ponce, he is still in the running as one of the most famous artists of all time. Cezanne’s artwork was so impressive that he was actually served as a subject in one of Gauguin’s paintings. Furthermore, his style of blending colors was so strong that this famous French artist was often called a “colorado painter.” Furthermore, Cezanne’s clothing and shoes are still highly coveted today, often sold for huge sums of money. While it may not be possible for the average person to obtain Cezanne’s paintings, there is a good chance that you could still have copies of some of his works in your home.

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