The Famous Works Of Claude Monet

The Famous Works Of Claude Monet

Claude Monet, born on November 14, 1840, had a childhood developed in bucolic environments that he liked to contemplate. Crucible of Impressionism, impregnated in his different works, dedicated to the natural spaces he glorified, a vibrant, agile and luminous force.

Between 1851 and 1857 he drew under the tutelage of Jacques-François Ochard, helping him perfect his inclination towards the cartoon. Eugène Boudin, the painter of the time, urged him to paint outdoor landscapes that would mark his life.

The Famous Works Of Claude Monet
The Famous Works Of Claude Monet

Claude Monet was declared a painter after the death of his mother; time of appearance of his first landscapes. Monet studied the figures at the Swiss Academy of painting in 1860, influencing the Barbizon School, contrary to the idealized landscape; these posed a new style of pictorial realism focused on the impressions of light, a decisive idea in Monet, who, self-taught,   introduced, in his outdoor painting, finely studied light effects, as well as the recreation of the influence of time on nature through loose brushstrokes that will define the basis of his painting: the atmosphere, light intensity and aqueous reflections. In 1872 his work “Impression, Soleil Levant” gives its name to the impressionist style of which he is the undisputed leader in the universal artistic world.

Most Important Monet Works

Femmes Au Jardin -1866-Louvre Museum, Paris

The influences of the Barbizon School begin to be noticed in this, one of Monet’s first works, in which the artist’s changes towards his flourishing impressionist technique begin to be noticed. “Women in the Garden”, as it is known in Spanish, shows the vestiges of the classic models and a vivid summer day in the heat, in this one, a group of women of the time with their monumental dresses, enjoy it and the color of your flowers

The Terrace Of Saint-Adresse-1867 – Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York

The actual work took place on the terrace of a house overlooking the sea in the spa town of Sainte-Adresse. Incidentally, the artist created it after he left his son’s mother in Paris in an attempt to bring family closer. So, some of those portrayed in this work are his own family. The canvas of high perspective, bright colors and light play in an exquisite fashion. This is the exaltation of the way of life of the once French bourgeoisie.

Bain À La Grenouillère-1869-Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York

The genius Monet recreates one of his favorite scenarios, in this, together with colleagues like   Renoir, he would prepare the splendid impressionist style of his works. The work shows the “Camembert” of the   restaurant of the island “La Grenouillère” next to the river Seine, it was a meeting place of the French bourgeoisie where artists and intellectuals would find shelter for their ideas, so it   would serve as inspiration for Monet and Renoir will create the unique techniques that describe the impressionist style.

La Pie-1869- Orsay Museum, Paris

The creation of “The Magpie” took place during the winter of 1868-1869 near the commune of Étretat in Normandy. Moreover, it is considered as the artist’s first snowy landscape and is a fervent save from which impressionism was born years before its advent. The light approaches in the game of leftovers and lights on the snow are imposing. As a result, this achieves with striking light and bright tones from the palette of a Monet concerned more with perception than with description.

Impression, Soleil Levant-1873- Marmottan Monet Museum, Paris

The Famous Works Of Claude Monet
The Famous Works Of Claude Monet

It is the creation of the recognition of impressionism as a pictorial style. Therefore, it will be the author’s most famous painting. Dated in 1873, when Le Havre was the artist, from a window and at dawn. Eager for a profound renovation of the arts, he ventures to create a work of the port of the city in which he spent much of his childhood. Therefore, he would violate prevailing artistic canons, masterfully capturing a dynamic aqueous effect and a fleeting atmosphere.

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