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When we think about craftwork or painting, the first thing that comes to our mind is paint and the next thing is markers. Very recently, Mandala Art has gained much popularity, mostly among the youth. This art form has brought out the latent creativity from so many people. The most important requirement for not only Mandala Art but for most art forms is good-quality marker pens. With vibrant pigments, markers can bring out the illustration from one’s drawing sheet. In short, they are the dreamy aspect of the painter or illustrator. 

About Extra Fine Bullet Tip Paint Markers:

This set of colourful markers comes with a smooth grip for the best writing and sketching experience. Don’t worry about your drawing and sketching surface, the markers work perfectly for all surfaces. The tips are long-lasting and won’t easily break with a little force. In addition to a smooth grip, the markers are easy to hold because of the cylindrical design. They have a flat bottom and are sturdy enough to bring out your creativity in the best way possible. 

Whether it’s an ordinary coffee mug or your phone case, you can convert all your mundane things into your works of art. Not only that, your school projects will now get the perfect tool to find your creativity. Your pen case will now be decked up with this set of permanent markers. Interestingly, they are the best companion for calligraphy, journaling, calendar entries, lettering, etc. Also, they give sleek strokes depending on the type that you want: fine, medium or bold. 

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Pros Of Buying Bullet Tip Paint Markers:

  • Easy Refilling: Don’t worry about what would happen after your markers run out of ink. These markers have easy ink refills that you have to buy separately. Additionally, you can even use the refills to create your custom colours
  • Styles: As an artist, if you have the desire to write and design in different styles, then you can easily do it with this set of markers. The nibs have excellent blending properties with all kinds of paper. 
  • Quick Drying: The best aspect of these markers is that they dry quickly. As a result, you don’t even have to think about your sketch not drying up. All you will get is less smearing and more vibrance.
  • More than a fine tip: These markers possess fantastic tips so that you can line out finer details easily.
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Are There Any Cons Of Bullet Tip Paint Markers?

Since these marker pens have fine tips for meticulous detailing, this makes it difficult for sketching or drawing on bigger surfaces. Other than that, they can give you a variety of strokes based on your personal preference. Moreover, they are water-based and hardly give out any odour. 

Markers Of ‘Art’

No one can resist colours and when it comes to vibrant markers, the urge becomes irresistible. Get one set for yourself, today by clicking the link below. Happy shopping!

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