The best wall art for the living room in 2023

Living room wall art

New Year call for new trends!! So as your walls. It is imperative to think about your barren walls constantly staring at you for help, or if they’re occupied already, it’s time to make some changes. The living room is a highly anticipated area of your house, and decorating it with stunning wall art is a nice move to add that missing charm. With so many amazing options available, choosing which living room wall art pieces will work for you is a great hustle. 

From paintings to photography to draperies, you can select various mediums to give your space a traditional or modern touch and brighten it up as soon as you hang them. When you choose a wall art for the living room, it shows your deep reflection of your inner self and represents who you are, so you must select it carefully with quite a research and work. However, some fascinating trends in the area can work with interiors to give them a contemporary vibe. Here are some great wall art trends to look out for in 2023.

Five latest trends for living room wall art that you shouldn’t miss in 2023:

  1. Muted Color Palettes: 

Muted or soft color palettes induce a calm, comfortable, and sophisticated feel. If you want to create restorative space, you prefer living room wall art in muted or pastel hues. It is going to make your space tranquil and relaxing. Additionally, the elegance it gives to your wall is something everyone asks for. 

  1. Busy or minimal wall space

Initially, we all need clarification on how many wall arts are enough for the space. It highly depends on your space’s layout and which area you want to design. Few interior decorators believe that the gallery wall trend will diminish soon. But, in reality, the grouping pictures trend isn’t waning away. However, the way they are organized may change with time.  

Per the expert’s suggestion, the great way to create a curated grouping on a wall is to fill it according to the available space. Estimates indicate that around two-thirds and three-quarters look good. While many people hesitate and worry more about how cluttered the gallery wall would be, they let their walls empty, again not pleasing. However, the space between the art pieces must be 5 to 10 cm to pack your open wall with different sizes and styles of wall art. 

  1. Maximalism:

Maximalism is the latest trend to follow this year to redesign your living room wall art that is opposite to minimalism. Despite choosing calm and peaceful art, maximalism allows the realistic approach that our life gets muddled. It encourages chaos as an indication of development and adventure. The primary focus of this décor is expressing your unique character via bold patterns, vibrant hues, and many layers. You can express your unique self with the paintings of the living room in a most interesting way.

  1. Large Wall Art:

Experts believe that gallery art has been there for quite a long and now it’s time to embrace large and oversized wall art for the living room. The best thing about large wall art is you can transform your wall with a single piece. You can add a stylish and modern touch to your space with an oversized art piece with some modest accessories. However, a larger piece in soft hues can make a living area more open. In 2023, check out large wall art focusing on a single palette or theme. 

5 Trendy wall art for living room available online:

Large Hand Painting Street Landscape Oil Paintings On Canvas Wall Decor Pictures:

Price: $80.53 on eBay

Product Specifics: Handmade, thick textured, Canvas, Landscape. Vibrant, Abstract Art Deco, Acrylic Painting.

Product Feature:

  • 100% hand-painted premium quality acrylic paintings made by professional artists on canvas.
  • Size can be varied as per customer demand. (1 inch=2.5cm)
  • Unframed due to high shipping charges.
  • Rolled packaging shipping.

Set of 3 Pink Minimalist Abstract Gallery Wall Art, Home Décor

Price: $23.46 on eBay

Product Specifics: Poster & Prints, Multicolored, UV Coated, Environmentally friendly, Paper Wall Art.

Product Feature:

  • This set of 3 premium-quality posters is Australian-made. 
  • UV fade-resistant ultra-bright inks have been used that gives a long-lasting effect. 
  • Materials that are used are professionally graded.
  • Each print is expertly created to order from an extremely high-resolution image.
  •  Looks incredible on any wall, especially the living room area.

Large Modern Hand-Painted Abstract Line Oil Painting Wall Art On Canvas Creative:

Price: $99.80 on eBay

Product Specifics: Oil on canvas, 31 inches, Abstract, 31*47in size, Handmade, unframed.

Product Feature:

  • 100% handmade premium quality oil art painting on canvas created by world-class artisans.
  • Museum-quality oil paints are used only.
  • Frames are not included.
  • Customization is available.

3D Hand-Painted Abstract Acrylic Painting Canvas Modern Wall Art for Living Room:

Price: $99.00 on eBay

Product Specifics: Handmade, Large Size, Canvas, Oil, Vibrant, Abstract Art Deco, Acrylic Painting.

Product Feature:

  • Top-notch canvas wall art for living room.
  • Provide a peaceful and welcoming sensation to any space where it is placed.
  • This amazing art piece is hand-painted oil on canvas.
  • It is the reproduction of the original famous master’s work. 

KLAKLA Abstract Wall-Art for Living Room Bedroom – Large Wall Art Modern Wall:

Price: $78.12

Product Specifics: KLAKLA Brand, Blue & Grey, 39.49×19.76×0.75 Inches, 20*40 in size.

Product Feature:

  • Fantast Graffiti Artwork.
  • This wall art is a contemporary mural that illuminates your walls.
  • It has a wooden frame, and hooks are installed for easy hanging.
  • This amazing wall art is inspired by unique design and creativity in an aesthetic way that attracts your space and leaves a deep impression.


Well, it’s good to keep track of upcoming wall art trends to redesign your living room wall art. Your wall art must express who you are. Feel free to trust your instincts when choosing color, style, or design. 

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