Some Of The Most Famous Artists Modern And Contemporary Art

Famous Artists Modern

There have been numerous different art forms over the years but only a few gained popularity for their modern and contemporary art. Despite being 2 of the youngest forms of art, their popularity in the current day and age is mostly unparalleled by others. There have been numerous famous artists modern that have been amid followers of these forms in their arts and they even credit their success to these art forms.

Some of the most iconic works of art that people love and appreciate nowadays come from these two art forms. Not only painting, but they have also been a major part of nearly every type of art like sculpting, dancing, etc.

Best Famous Artists Modern Art
Best Famous Artists Modern Art

Famous Artists Modern And Contemporary Art

Takashi Murakami

Hailing from Japan, Takashi is one of the biggest names in the international art scene. He is counted among some of the most famous artists in the world. He makes use of a wide variety of colors and his paintings and creations heavily utilize flowers. A lot of people consider him the spiritual successor of Andy Warhol. His work is unique and it is difficult to associate him with a single category of art.

Cecily Brown

Belonging to Britain, Cecily Brown is one of the most iconic contemporary artists in the world. She is often compared to legends in the field of art like Francis Bacon and Willem de Kooning. Her works mostly involve heavy use of expressionism and abstract, along with a beautiful color selection that allows her to explain her emotions through the work she does. One of her most iconic works is ‘Blood thicker than mud’.

Kara Walker

She is a very famous artist from American and belongs to the African American society. Most of her creations deal with racism, social evils, and the history of slavery in America. Her work of art is highly appreciated by activists and youth all around the world. She makes use of the silhouettes cutout technique and along the time, the messages got even stronger as well as dark with each of her paintings. One of her most famous works was titled the world exposition.

Most Famous Artists Modern Art

Claude Monnet – Famous Artists Modern

He is one of the most famous artists from the modern art era. He is best known for the use of impressionism in his paintings. Claude was a French artist who was one of the first to emphasize on vibrant colors, candid poses, and accurately depicting the effects of light and its nature. Monnet is considered to be one of the biggest names that popularized the modern art movement.

Best Famous Artists Modern Art
Best Famous Artists Modern Art

Salvador Dali

Hailing from Spain, Salvador Dali was one of the first few famous artists of the modern era that made surrealism popular. He completely rejected realism and rationalism in his painting and used his imagination and the power of his subconscious mind to create breathtaking works of art. Along with surrealism, he also heavily used symbolism in his works.

Pablo Picasso – Famous Artists Modern

Picasso was subsequently named as an influential artist. He expressed his artistic skills at an early age. He was the co pioneer of the cubism art form which was a major part of modern art. His paintings are some of the most expensive paintings ever sold and most of his works are now showcased in museums. He painted over 1900 paintings in his career.


The famous artists have made their name in the world due to their amazing and extraordinary artwork. You should not miss checking out their masterpieces.

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