Some Famous Artists Contemporary You Should Know

famous artists contemporary

What is contemporary? One of the biggest questions many people have in their minds. If you have this question as well, then you are landed at the right place. Contemporary art is the present’s art that is produced and made by living artists in the 21st century. This art gives an opportunity to reflect and represent today’s social problem relevant to humanity and represent the world around us. Famous artists contemporary always work in a very culturally diverse, globally influenced, and a new technological world.

Contemporary art is a dynamic and combination of concepts, subjects, material, and methods that challenge traditional boundaries and define diverse and eclectic. Many artists represent social issues in front of the public through their art, but very few people know about them. If you want to know some famous artists contemporary, just read this article.

Most Famous Artists Contemporary

A close up of a train station

Several famous artists are contemporary who are breaking sales records, praised by art collectors and critics, exhibited in the most popular contemporary art museums and galleries. Here you will know some artists who are leaving their mark on the art world.

Jeff Koons

Colorful graffiti on the side of a building

The scandalous king of PR might be one of the most controversial arts in the art world. It is well known for his monumental artworks; the former Wall Street trader and American artist is the most expensive famous Artists contemporary in the world. Because of his creative approach triggered most of the criticism, many critics say that Koons doesn’t create it but himself, but it is a studio working on them. For many, this is sufficient to cancel and dismiss his merit as an artist.

Kara Walker

The Afro-American artist Kara walker follows themes of stereotypes, racism, slavery, and problems. The exaggerated cut out silhouettes shows American slavery’s history. The famous artists contemporary address silhouettes that become violent and dark witnesses of these times and also give a strong message. However, the artist always uses a technique of cut-out to draw the idea of negating the other.

Yayoi Kusama

The popular Japanese artist doesn’t need an introduction because all know about her. Yayoi Kusama is well known because she invented the cultural institutions and art market along with her signature dots. Yayoi Kusama’s art is all the more fascinating as it is a mental illness’ product; she has had it since her childhood. And during this time, she experiences hallucinatory visions. For her, contemporary art is a form of essential catharsis.

David Hockney

British famous artist, contemporary David Hockney, is one of the most expensive living artists in the world. The artist becomes an omnipresent figure in art. After three exhibitions in some of the world’s popular contemporary art galleries and museums, the Center Pompidou in Paris, the Tata modern in London, and the MET in New York, the David Hockney heavenly landscapes will present at an eagerly awaited sale at Christie’s.


There are some of the famous artists contemporary you have read about. However, you can find a number of artists who represent their thoughts and ideas through their arts.

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