Some DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas To Try Out For Your Home

Diy Canvas Wall Art

Your home decor reflects your personality. Leaving your wall blank does not reflect well on you; it also is a waste of space. However, unique wall arts for your walls are expensive, and can prove complicated. So, why get an expensive art design when you can just do it yourself?

There are numerous quality wall art ideas for you to try out. You don’t have to obtain a certain skill level or be a famous painter before you create unique wall arts. All you need is a blank canvas and some paint. Hence, we discuss some DIY canvas wall ideas to try out for your home.

Abstract Quotes Wall Art Design

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Painting an abstract quote on a canvas is a simple way to create a unique wall art design. How do you do this? Choose a quote that resonates with you, then stencil the letters of the quote on tape pieces. Stick the pieces of tape on your blank canvas. Using a mixture of paint colors, paint the letters on your canvas. Make large strokes with your brush. Leave the painting to dry. You’ll be left with a canvas displaying your favorite quote in multiple colors; just waiting to hang on your wall.

Splash Painting Wall Art Design

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Splash art wall designs are not only beautiful and unique, you also can do it yourself. To do this, cover your blank canvas with one solid paint color. You then splatter various vibrant paint colors across the surface in no particular synchrony. You should, however, try this design outside to prevent paint splattering over valuables inside.

Pixel Painting Wall Art Design

Pixel painting wall art design involves creating color grids of the same hue. To do this, you’ll need to measure your canvas, then draw squares of equal sizes across the surface. Get your paint, and paint each square a slightly different color tone. If you’re able to pull this off, not only will your wall art look professional, it also will reflect your tenaciousness. The design will gracefully adorn your wall.

Geometric Painting Wall Art Design

This design makes for another unique wall art. Create vertical lines that run across your blank canvas. Draw your intended design with pencil and yardstick. You can then fill each design space with paints that complement one another.

Puffy Paint Lettering Art Design

Using puffy paints for your wall art tends to create a 3D design. Choose a quote to use, then paint the letters on your canvas using puffy paints. You may stencil the letters in pieces of tape before painting. Allow to dry for at least a day before hanging it on your wall.


Getting unique wall arts for your wall may prove expensive. But why get expensive art designs when you can create one yourself? Hence, we discuss some DIY canvas wall art ideas to try out for your home.

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