Romanesque Church And Other Monuments You Should Visit

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In the Roman Empire, Christianity was a major religion. Christianity had become an integral part of the lives of people in the middle ages and this era saw rulers competing to erect symbols of their faith. From then on churches became palaces, a pantheon in which the ancient Romans had worshipped their god. This domed structure became the model for the building erected to honor the Christian god. 

Time period

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Romanesque pilgrimage church belongs to the middle age or medieval period. The medieval period runs from the 4th to the 15th century in northern and Western Europe. The term Romanesque was first used in the 19th century. Many castles were built during this period. The large number of churches built in Romanesque was take place by gothic architecture, which rebuilt most Romanesque churches in prosperous areas


An old stone building

Romanesque architecture is a type of architecture of medieval Europe which is characterized by semi-circular curves. The Romanesque church architecture is influenced by two things; the growth of monasteries and the popularity of pilgrimages. Pilgrimages churches are situated along major routes that led to holy sites like Canterbury, Rome, and Jerusalem. 


A typical pilgrimage church can be an abbey church or a cathedral. An abbey church is the main building in a monastic community. It is used by the monks or nuns who live there while a cathedral church is used by the bishops and the inhabitants of a city or town. A Romanesque church can be described easily as a big and long basilica plan with modifications. These churches are known for their thick wall, small windows, giant arches, pillars, barrel vaults, large towers, fine sculptures, and decorative arcading. The Romanesque church has a stone vault that is more fine proof and is dark because they don’t have many windows.

The Presence

God is present everywhere, the heaven and the earth. He is in prayers and he is temples. God is everywhere you want him to be. God’s presence can be felt in multiple ways. His presence can be experienced with faith and humble remorse. God’s presence infinitely fills the universe as all the angels worship him. His eternal glory fills heaven and also the earth. His presence also resides in every Christian. Some scriptures also teach that if the spirit of God does not reside in you, you might not be a believer yet. You cannot predict when and how you will feel god’s presence. It could be anywhere. Maybe in a temple, or while you are praying, or even when you are just doing something very simple like walking. Always pay attention to what you are feeling. The presence of God is not just one time. It can be felt multiple times. You can experience and feel the presence of God all through your life. 


The Romanesque in England is traditionally referred to as roman architecture. Each building has a clearly defined form, symmetrical plan, and simple appearance. The style is often identified across western Europe. 

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