Reflecting Your Personality: How to Choose the Perfect Mirror Wall Art for Your Home

mirror wall art

Usually, the final stop to check your overall look before leaving a house is the mirror. Hence mirror plays an integral part in most of our homes. The mirror also provides a focal point. Instead, it reflects light, visually expands the space and makes it brighter. However, the mirror also acts as a form of art, adds a dramatic element, provides depth and creates art views. Mirror wall art can be simple, understated, or extravagant decorative pieces that make a statement.

Adding mirror wall art to any room is an excellent decision as it provides many benefits to the furniture. Mirrors can be found in various sizes and shapes, enabling you to take full advantage while still reflecting unique style, taste and personality. Check out the best mirror wall art tips to inspire and elevate your interior design project.

How to select a Mirror wall art:

Mirrors reflect the light rays and make the space bright; not only this, they create an impression of enlarged space. For interior designers, mirror wall artwork is a versatile asset for their projects as they do not provide problem-solving solutions but adds an aesthetic appeal. 

Certain things should be taken into consideration before going to select mirror wall art. A mirror’s size, style, form, and design are critical factors. Hence, choosing a perfect mirror model for the project is essential to ensure the furniture’s overall purpose aligns with the ultimate proposal.

Mirror art can be a great option to make an illusion in a small space, especially for people living in small apartments and having small bathrooms. Meanwhile, a mirror can add a luxurious and glamorous appeal to the interior of any room. Following are some tips to get yourself perfect mirror wall art

Exploring Mirror Wall Art Based on Shapes:

Exploring mirror wall art
  • Abstract wall mirror

Abstract wall mirrors are a great way to offer authenticity and personality to any area. In interior design, abstract mirror act as a decorative items itself. Because of its unique shape and reflective function, it instantly becomes the centre of attention for the people visiting the space. 

  • Round wall mirror: 

When choosing the shape of the mirror, think of keeping it contemporary with a perfectly round circle. Specifically, it goes best with minimal framing; the trendy shape can give your mirror the sensation of being a gateway to a parallel world. While it adds a contemporary feel to any living room, it works best when you style it with a mid-century theme. 

  • Rectangular wall mirror: 

Rectangular mirrors always give the old school vibes and have been the traditional shape of all time. Its shapes easily match most furniture’s shapes when it comes to minimalist décor themes. Rectangular mirror enhances the spaciousness feeling in any room. 

Exploring Mirror Wall Art Based on Sizes:

mirror wall art based on size
  • Small in size

When choosing the size of the mirror, a small mirror requires more critical thinking to construct a vignette, especially when hung in a gallery-style format, creating a light-reflecting and space-enlarging focal point. These mirrors are primarily used in larger quantities, particularly in smaller rooms. 

  • Medium: 

Medium-sized mirrors are most common and used to accompany nearly a few interior design projects, just like icing on the cake. This size mirror looks perfect in dining rooms, living areas, hallways and bedrooms. 

  • Large or Full-size mirror:

When selecting your mirror, feel free of the scale. Bigger is always a better option to impart space and light in any room. It transforms the room into a sudden luxury space. Adding a full-size mirror on a more extensive wall of a big living room is an excellent way to balance out the area and make the width look bigger. They are commonly placed in dressing rooms, dining rooms and hallways. 

Exploring Mirror Wall Art Based on Style:

  • Contemporary mirror wall art: 

Modern areas are organized and clean. They have some chromatic outlines in contrast. Maximalist can elevate your home interior. They merge to create unique style and elegance to mount with a metallic texture that makes the surface light and bright.

  • Mid-century mirror wall art

This style includes a classic, sophisticated and retro vibe. To get the best results, decorate a mid-century style with mirror wall décor and merge it with antique décor pieces, iconic, minimalistic furniture and everyday items. 

  • Art Deco mirror wall art: 

Mirror wall decor shows the luxury and opulence often associated with this decoration style. In their classic collections, you can find mirrors with rich frames, marble stones, light glass, and noble words. To design a unique wall art, place an art deco wall art in your gateway along with a contemporary console table or hang a set of mirrors.

Choosing the Right Mirror Shape for Every Room:

  • Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Offices: 

Mirrors best add a focal point in bedrooms, offices or living rooms. They add style and focal points to the space. Unique geometric shapes or even mirror clusters create a luxurious vibe in each room. When choosing a mirror, many options are available that provide a chance to reflect your personality and creativity through this wall art. However, the full-sized mirror is essential for checking an outfit except in the bedroom. At least 36 inches of a mirror is the most appropriate size for a floor mirror; this enables you to check out an overall outfit. 

  • Dining Room: 

The dining room is that part of the house where people gather and spend some quality time while enjoying food. Therefore adding a mirror in the dining area means addition of elegance. This mirror can bounce back the light from the window and brighten the room. It completes the overall appearance of the space. 

The selection of mirror shapes depends on the room’s layout, existing light fixtures, and furniture. Round, square, or rectangular mirrors all serve as fantastic options. Also, a gallery of small mirrors or unique shapes can attract visitors’ attention as they use it for something other than functional purposes.

  • Bathroom: 

A round hanging mirror can lighten up the small bathroom area and reflect the natural sunlight that brings a cosiness feel. Use large-size mirrors or antique frames to give a glamorous look. To create a more comfortable feel, use multiple mirrors and place them side by side. 

  • Entryway, Lobby:

An entryway or lobby mirror is usually placed to enhance the welcoming effect. Choosing a mirror shape that complements the space where it will be hung is decisive, and a rectangular mirror is often the most suitable option. It elongates the visual field, reflecting light throughout the hallway and lobby. The same effect can be designed with a mirror cluster that bounces light. The mirror clusters work best as long as you don’t use that mirror much and are often used to have a last-minute look as you’re going out for dinner.


Choose a remarkable statement piece that can serve as the room’s focal point, or take it a step further by creating a fully mirrored wall. You can get a perfect mirror wall art for any space of your home by considering the tips mentioned earlier and keeping the size, shape, and style of a mirror in your checklist. Pick one shape and size of a mirror and place it everywhere you want and note the changes it offers

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