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Do you want the audience to hear your voice? While in meetings or podcasting, you may not rely on the microphone present in your headphones. It will not give you the quality of sound which you need. You have to get a professional microphone which you can use for recording, online meetings, podcasts, or interviews. These microphones are very easy to use, actually the condenser microphone, which can help capture your clear voice. It will avoid the noise and reduce the echoes. You can connect it with the help of a USB to your music system or personal computer without installing any drivers to your computer.

If you are professionally into podcasting, you must have this professional microphone to record your voice more clearly and without any noise. It is designed to have a cardioid polar pattern. It has unidirectional directivity. It comes with a frequency range of 100 Hz to 18000 Hz. It is very sensitive to the noises and voices nearby. With the microphone, you will get the amount to place your mic comfortably without falling. It is a metal tripod that can not make your microphone more stable. It is connected to your system through a USB cable which you get in the package. The microphone also comes with adjustable volume control, which can change the level of your voice. You can get this amazing condenser microphone for awesome sound quality.


·         Brand Name:  New bee

·         Style:           Tabletop

·         Transducer:    Condenser Microphone

·         Use:             Computer Microphone

·         Set Type:        Single Microphone

·         Origin:              CN(Origin)

·         Polar Patterns:  Cardioid

·         Communication: Wired

·         Package:        Yes

·         Model Number:   NB-DM-18

·         Color:           Black

·         Weight:            460g

·         Power supply: 5V

·         S/N Ratio:       More than 58dB

·         Type:           USB mic/computer mic/condenser mic/recording microphone

·         Suit for:            Live Streaming/Instrument Recording/Online Meeting/Studio

Pros Of Having A Condenser Microphone

·         It is lighter in weight as you can quickly move it from one place to another.

·         These microphones support the high range of frequencies due to fast-moving diaphragm

·         It is high sensitivity and can be very good to capture the sounds of audio instruments or vocals.

·         You can use this microphone in Live Streaming, Instrument Recording, Online meetings, or Studios.

A close up of a microphone

Cons Of Having A Condenser Microphone

·         It is not battery-operated as it will always need a source of current to operate.

·         It is more expensive as compared with the other dynamic microphones

·         These microphones get affected by extreme temperature and humid conditions. So you have to make sure the temperature near the microphone is average. 


You might face any problem or disturbance while being in the interview or during the interview. So you can use this condenser microphone to get excellent quality vocals. These microphones can help you a lot while recording music or attending any important podcast. It comes in nice classic black color, which will always match your system and desk. You get various other kinds of stuff in your packages like a USB cable and a metal mount. You can make your recording experience more wonderful with a nice and confident voice.

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