Neon Wall Art: A Vibrant and Contemporary Form of Expression”

neon wall art

Neon colors are vibrant and intense and create excitement and energy. Vibrant neon hues lift the room and look extraordinarily attractive. Therefore, many use neon art to add up liveliness to designs. Most commonly, neon signs are along road banners, advertisements for businesses, offices, salons, studios, rooms, and more.

Since the beginning of 2021, experts have revealed an uplift in the fame of earth-toned interior designs. To find a sense of steadiness after the covid-19 time, there was a rise in demand for accessories in neutral colors. This trend was observed worldwide as people turned towards decor inspired by nature to bring a comforting impact to their living spaces. Neon wall art has become people’s choice when adding a contemporary look to their rooms, offices, etc. Read this article to know more about neon wall art ideas to give a vibrant and modern look to your interior décor. 

What is Neon art?

Neon art refers to using fluorescent hues and lightning to form high impact in a place. Usually, this art includes using neon strip lighting and a bar to give a calming, sci-fi-inspired radiance. However, this also involves pairing neon lights with traditional neon pastels in paints, furnishing, and accessories to bring a delicate, dreamlike appearance. 

Typically, the modern aesthetic is linked with interior design, but designers also use it in historical buildings to produce a captivating contrast.

How to use Neon Décor: 

One of the exciting things about the neon art trend is up to people how much light they want, little or much more from the aesthetic, and still, your space will end up looking cohesive and classy. Using neon wall art in moderation is the finest to avoid overwhelming a room. Add cushions or a classic neon sign to make the space playful and fun. 

Even bright-colored couches, wall art, and rugs can spice up the room and bring it a more festive look. By accessorizing a room with these décor ideas, you can create a better focal point in a room. Hanging a neon couch alongside a neutral backdrop, i.e., white wall art or a dark black or even blue, can create great contrast. You can add as many hues as you want but don’t forget to maintain steadiness with colors that work together. 

Incorporating neon colors into a space can introduce a positive and fun aspect, infusing it with more vigor. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to remember the limitation when using neon hues and ensure they match the overall design scheme. Therefore, it is sugge to use them as accent colors, such as neon accessories like cushions or colorful wall art

You can create a subtle look with a simple neon sign or completely embrace it by illuminating neon furniture and decor to achieve a retro-futuristic ambiance. It depends on how much or less you use neon art per your taste. We have some neon décor ideas to provide you with some inspiration. 

Design your space with neon art: 

  • Use Neon Signs to elevate your décor game:

Since the 1920’s neon signs have become a style statement, but they are still going nowhere soon. Neon signs elevate a space and bring uniqueness immediately, whether designed as a glowing motto or a classy cocktail sign, mainly if you customize it with a quote or design. 

Although neon signs look attractive, they are pretty expensive. Neon LED lights are a great option if you want a cost-effective option. They give a soothing, colorful radiance and are less delicate. If you get neon signs, remember to install them with suggested fixings.

  • Neon Wallpaper for Bold and Playful Interiors:

If you want to make a daring and bold statement, then neon wallpaper would be the game changer. Being minimalist, maximalist, or neutral, neon wallpapers offer quite a variety for each preference. It will compliment your space and enable you to embrace the neon wall art in your way. Just search for the right things. 

Use a neon ombre wall or a fluorescent or mural geometric print to impact your space significantly. If bright highlighter hues are not your type, search for designs with a splash of neon to give a modern look. 

  • Transform your Interiors with Neon Lighting:

You can opt for LED adhesive strip lights to create a more surreal atmosphere in your room or infuse it with neon hues without spending on an actual neon light fixture. These lights are reasonably priced, convenient to install, and can typically be customized to emit a gentle glow in a color that suits your preference.

Strip lights can be placed anywhere in the house, so to create a maximum effect, think artistically during installation. Fix these lights to the bottom of cabinets, beds, and sofas to produce the illusion effect. Even you can fix it over the ceiling for a fun vibe. With strip lighting, you also set different neon feature lights to give your space a cozy feel. Check wall leaning options as they are practical and look comfortable. 

Use Neon Wall Art to Make a Bold Statement in Your Décor:

Neon Wall Art Pizza

Neon wall art is a great way to introduce a splash of neon hues into your room if you don’t want to paint or use wallpapers of vibrant neon shades. A vast range of prints available will blend with your color theme. 

Also, neon colors wall hangings with an option for customization, and remember to try UV tapestries. Wall plaques also make a fantastic addition to your colorful wall art.

  • Elevate Your Interiors with a Neon Feature Wall:

Adding a feature wall is a fantastic option for giving life to your space if you are not comfortable with the maximalist neon décor trend. To create a focal point, add a neon paper of your choice and fill one wall with it or use fluorescent paints. 

You can try something more imaginative if you prefer something other than an essential feature wall. Consider utilizing neon paper or paint to emphasize the structural design of your house by covering alcoves, ceilings, or even the area under your stairs with vivid colors while leaving the remaining space in a neutral or white shade.

  • Use Neon Paint to add a pop of color to your décor: 

You can refresh the interior of your house by upcycling the furniture with neon paints if you think it is costly to invest in a whole new piece of furniture and you want to add a pop of color. Many brands offer a wide neon range so that you can give a makeover to your old house stuff.

  • Use Neon Accessories to Infuse Energy and Fun into Your Space:

To fully embrace the neon trend in your home, incorporating neon accessories is a quick and effortless way to add the finishing touches. Be creative when selecting these decor elements – while neon cushions and throws can make your home feel cozy and warm, you can also find unique neon-lined lampshades, add photo frames, and fluorescent candles that can infuse your space with a unique and vibrant touch. 


Vibrant neon hues can bring fun and refreshing element into your interior. As these hues are so bright, use them with care to prevent them from getting overwhelming and hard to see. Don’t be intimidated by the use of neon wall art; instead, have fun experimenting with them and explore the incredible options they can offer.

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