Movies About Famous Artists – War Games Tops In Being Inspirational

movies about famous artists

Movies often influence the common public in various ways. But, the movie War games released in 1983 saw a different move where a country was influenced enough to change its public policy. The movie had a deep impact on the then President Ronal Reagan who chose to make measures concerned with cybersecurity. Let us get to know more about the movies about famous artists out of which the war games can be the most inspirational.

The War Games Movie Plot

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The movie revolves around a high school student and a game he plays with the computer that causes serious impacts on international security. On watching the movie, Reagan set up an immediate discussion with his security advisors and Congress. It further led the US government to take cybersecurity on serious concerns and led to the strengthening of the strategic command and control infrastructure.

The movie could be considered for inclusion in the social studies classes of high school. Many reasons support this. This could help in bringing out various senses of memory to the students.

Political Security

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The movie brought an important change in the political security of the country. Thus, it could be included in the class for citing the importance of media in bringing such matters to the attention of the authorities. It also marked a tremendous transformation in the field of cybersecurity. This could be considered as a milestone in the history of cybersecurity measures that were strengthened in the country. Marking the importance of this could be made in the history textbooks.

Another prime significance of the matter is that it could ring awareness to the students about the Isobel impacts on national as well as an international level of things that might just be considered as child play. Sometimes, small games might cause bigger issues. Thus, it is important to make wise decisions, especially while dealing with artificial intelligence and machines.

Technological Development

In today’s world of enhanced technological development, this movie might be outdated. However, the principles that were communicated through this remains solid. Thus, it could give students the idea of dealing with the cyber world carefully. Cybersecurity is still a matter of concern. War Games could be used as an example of proving the importance of ensuring cybersecurity even in simple things of life.

Choosing to include the movie in the syllabus could be more interactive to high school students as the movie is based upon characters of almost the same age. Thus, it might inculcate feelings of inspiration and more for tech-savvy students to use their skill and aptitude for the better functioning of the nation. Including such lessons always do good for the country to bring up responsible young citizens.


War games, this could be a good choice for social studies to include lessons of politics, history, cybersecurity, and social impacts of technology. It could signify the importance of various platforms to help in building up a stronger nation. The movie could be used as an example of pointing out the social responsibility of the growing technology. Schools could be assisted in shaping strong foundations for a stronger tomorrow with this. The protagonist in the movie could leave a positive impact on the students. It could also deliver the message of the film that sometimes, not playing the game could be the best winning move. This could be interpreted to even serious conclusions that could help serve the life values of students.

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