Modernism: The 5 Most Prominent Features

The 5 Most Prominent Features Of Modernism

Modernism was a cultural movement of the nineteenth century that affects the industrial revolution.

It is an artistic movement originating in the late nineteenth century, which was a phenomenon of cultural renewal and revolution. Generally, the literary trend that was most important to Modernism in which Rubén Darío, one of the main authors, related it clearly. In the verses of the famous Nicaraguan poet, the keys of Modernism were defined as a movement. It sought an effective reaction against a realism encysted in society.

Modernism: The 5 Most Prominent Features
Modernism: The 5 Most Prominent Features

The values ​​of the exotic began to emerge and the new forms of aesthetic expression were shown as the culmination of an unprecedented cultural investigation. The industrial revolution was another of the main triggers of this peculiar movement. Moreover, this specifically highlights many backgrounds to that end.

Ceramics Became An Art

The new creative disciplines came to Modernism as a real novelty. Moreover, pottery, furniture or jewelry abounded in paintings, sculptures, and architecture. This actually creates the most comprehensive cultural movement of the times. Of course, the new techniques, such as mass production, ended the artisan creation models.

Interest In The Exotic

Rubén Darío changed poetry with his works by introducing, as well as continuing the interest in other cultures.

The Far East and India are two of the most recurrent destinations for modernists. Generally, these authors based their works on the search for the exotic. Thus, Latin America also appears in the cultural movement of a world that was beginning to give the first signs of globalization.


The architectural features changed in a way never seen. Especially, the arrival of Gaudí brought fresh air to an architecture. However, it became somewhat repetitive to end up becoming a completely renewed discipline. Incidentally, the use of the curved line and asymmetry were the main elements along with this particular instance.

Influence Of Other Currents

Valle-Inclán And Hipster Style

Modernism bases its maxims on the knowledge of alternative currents of times past. Moreover, the influence of Romanticism and French symbolism can be seen in a movement with references from the best artists in history. The Impressionism also shows some brushstrokes in a very effective style in terms of technique and creation.

Modernism: The 5 Most Prominent Features
Modernism: The 5 Most Prominent Features

Free Verse

Manuel Machado’s verses remained for the story

One of the great breaks of Modernism with the rest of cultural movements is based on the incorporation of free verse. A feature in which rhyme and metric are not necessary. A novelty for artists of the time.

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