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There are many ways in which resin jewelry is becoming famous. The resin jewelry is made up of resins and the resins are transparent things. To make the jewelry the reasons can be used up with different decorative items so that the jewelry can be more interesting. The jewelry can be made more interesting with the use of natural mica mineral powder. This is a great colorful powder that can be used to make the resin colorful. The mica powder is a highly used product by the decorators with the mixing up in the epoxy and resin items to make them look more colorful and texture-based. The mica powder gets into pastel-based colors and in the bottles with different colors which make them easy to use.

Natural Mica Mineral Powder For Epoxy Resin Jewelry Crafts

The mica powder is a great-based product made up of natural mica mineral which can be a great help for art players. The mineral mica powder is a great help, for making up resin-based products like key chains, jewelry, bookmarks, etc. The mica powder comes up in vibrant colors and is supernatural so do not harm anybody if contacted. There is a great mica color out for decorating the epoxy, resin and also use in the art of candle making. The candle making is a great experience with adding up with the mica powder to give the candles some vibrant effect. The Mica powder can be made up in use by the different colors stored into bottles so it can be used in amount need.

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  • Material: Natural Mica Mineral
  • Volume: 0.35 oz/bottle
  • Package includes: (12-20) Mica Powder Bottles
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The product is a great way and full of benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned as follows.

  • The mica powder is made up of natural mica material.
  • The mica powder is safe to use.
  • The resin jewelry can be made highly colorful and bright with the adding of powders.
  • The mica powder is also used for the making of the candles.
  • The mica powder comes in vibrant colors.
  • The powder is multi-purpose and can be used with epoxy and resins without any reactions.
  • The decoration work is highly affordable.
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  • There are certainly no cons to the product. In the case of kids, the use of mica powder should be done under the supervision of adults. The resin-based products require a pinch up in the resin mixture and the appearance of mica can come over an s per desired.


The mica powder comes up in vibrant colors and can make the transparent-looking resin items into more bright and colorful things. The mica powder is used up in the decoration materials and for the resins. The mica powder is made up of natural non-toxic materials. The idea of getting the mica material is to keep the materials transactional.

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