Know These 4 Forms Of Western Art

4 Forms Of Western Art

When we talk about Western art, we refer directly to everything related to the history of art applied to Western civilization. It is important to start by saying that a good part of the history of Western art borders the art history of the European continent, marking since the Middle Ages.

In this sense, it is necessary to name those cultures that marked the art of the West and with it the historical heritage.

Know These 4 Forms Of Western Art
Know These 4 Forms Of Western Art

Greek Art – Western Art

This is the culture that provided the greatest historical heritage not only to its location zone but also to the entire world. Undoubtedly, the best known in Greek mythology is one of the most famous and from which various works of literary, cinematographic and even architectural characters have emerged.

Painting: Among the most prominent elements of Greek painting are the gods, whose scenes appeared performing divine tasks such as punishment or creation, as well as athletes. It is important to mention that the painting was embodied in articles with ceramic material such as plates, glasses, vases and other zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures.

Roman Art – Western Art

This art was born in the Hellenic period as a result of the inspiration marked by the last period of existence of what was the Greek culture. The Roman culture extends to areas such as Europe, somewhere in Asia and Africa. On the other hand, its cultural system managed to have an important impact on later societies. Some of his most significant achievements are: Understanding the passage of time (minutes, hours and days), they had a calendar, month designation, decimal system and the primitive alphabet similar to that of today.

Painting: Similar to Greek art, Roman art painting had the objective and focus of making ornaments for sculptures, in addition to ceramic pieces.

Works: Among the most important works are “Dionysian Mysteries” and “Aldobrandini Weddings”.

Medieval Art

It is called medieval art to all creations made between 500 and 1500 AD and in this sense, it is called the Middle Ages. This period marks an important division between what is ancient history and modern history especially in the territory of the European continent and the Middle East. The permanence in these countries is due to the fact that in Japan and China they took an evolutionary course in terms of their very different culture and society and at a considerably stable level compared to the other areas.

Baroque Art

Know These 4 Forms Of Western Art
Know These 4 Forms Of Western Art

One of the main characteristics of Baroque art was the work which was made during an important period. However, being the stage after Renaissance art, it had the burden of having remains of paganism product of the Renaissance. This allowed the Catholic Church to lose some control over society and allow the emergence of a lack of morality in the religious sphere, as well as debauchery and lack of human morality. In fact, the emergence of Protestant sects such as the so-called Lutherans was also evident.

Baroque art focused on everything related to religion that was then predominant. This type of art mainly touched all areas of the continent of Europe, even with the limited duration of its course. On the other hand, the main objective of Baroque art was decoration and impress, this is beyond being useful precisely.

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