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Art transcended the boundary of pencil and paper long ago. A good piece of literature, an appealing sculpture or a decorative item is now also considered art. Art is evolving just as our cultures and norms are and new forms of art are being introduced regularly. LED Canvas art is a new form of such art. They are trendy, chic and give your room a different look. These glow-in-the-dark LED Canvas art pieces look absolutely stunning in a dark room and really capture the attention of anyone in the room. We are going to tell you why you need an LED Canvas art in your room and different ideas for their designs.

Reason To Get LED Canvas Art

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Simple canvas art pieces seem really cliché and don’t capture your attention as much as LED canvas art does. LED canvas art is unique, distinctive and provides some eye-catching visuals. Even a simple painting with some LED lights added to it gives a special look. Anyone who visits your room and who looks at the LED canvas art is sure to be impressed. A huge plus point of these art pieces: they aren’t as costly as you think! They can cost anything ranging from $10 to $100. Even the cheaper ones are going to blow your mind and they are also a source of some staggering visuals.

How To Make An LED Canvas Art-

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If you can’t afford to buy one LED Canvas Art, you can simply make one! It’s not as hard as you might be thinking it is. In fact, all it takes is a canvas, some paintbrushes, a couple of acrylic paints and half an hour of your time in addition to a little effort. When you have all these things in place, you can get started anytime. Paint your canvas with a dark color, preferably black. This is because it would provide contrast to your painting when you add the bright-colored LED lights. After applying a coat of paint, let it dry.

Think of a design for your painting. You can take inspiration from the internet or you can just let your imagination run wild. It depends on your taste and liking. After you have made your design, pick holes in the canvas using a scissor or preferably an ice pick. Push your led lights through the back side such that only the lights are visible on the front side and the wires remain hidden in the backside. We would recommend you to choose some LED lights which are run by batteries. The battery pack would also remain hidden at the back. And that’s pretty much it! You have yourself a brand new self-made LED canvas art.

LED Canvas Art Ideas

When it comes to thinking about something to draw, your imagination is the limit. But to give a head start to your imagination, here are some ideas for LED canvas art:

· A scenery with a bright moon and LED lights as stars

· A car with LED lights as its headlights

· A tree with LED lights as the decoration items

· A building with LED lights as the lights inside the building


LED Canvas art is a must-have for your room if you are into innovative and unique decoration ideas. LED canvas art can be bought or you can make it yourself. So go and get one now!

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