How to hang wall art on a Cement Wall with Ease

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Hanging wall art on a medium like cement wall is more challenging than it sounds. People prefer cement walls for their durability and contemporary look, and they are getting popular over the last decade. But the durability of cement walls makes its holding power quite challenging. However, some ways would make your task doable without an expert’s help. 

To hang wall art on concrete walls, experts commonly use masonry anchors, adhesive hooks, and hard wall hangers. This article will look up how to hang wall art on concrete walls.

Before picking a method and placing any artwork on your concrete walls, remember to check the weight of your wall art. Certain methods are more suitable than others depending on the weight of the pictures. 

The simple rule of thumb is to use a drill and anchor if the wall art weighs more than 3.6kg, i.e., large metal wall art; use adhesive strips for artwork weighing less than 3.6kg. Investing time and serenity makes it possible to know things you can hang on cement walls.

Metal wall art on cement wall

The top three methods for hanging pictures on concrete include masonry anchors, adhesive hooks, and hard wall hangers, each serving a unique purpose. While these methods are effective, mounting photos on concrete walls is generally more challenging than on wood-framed walls. Let’s talk about each method individually to understand its use and purpose:

Masonry Anchors: 

When it comes to durability and enduring way to hang wall art on cement walls, then Masonry Anchors are the most preferable among others. They are available in several sizes, materials, and designs. Many masonry anchors can withstand adhesive weights of more than thirty times their weight and more than ten times the weight of a hard wall hanger. 

Each anchor has been designed to meet the need of a specific purpose. If you want to purchase one, then first check the weight of the artwork you want to hang and then buy accordingly. A masonry drill and suitable bits are mandatory to install masonry anchors, as these anchors involve drilling a pilot hole into the cement wall before attaching the anchor. 

Each masonry anchors need to drill pilot holes in the walls, requiring special equipment for each of them. While a hammer drill is more suitable, any drill can be used to drill the pilot hole for the anchor, as long as you have the proper bit.

Steps to install large metal wall art on a cement wall with the help of Masonry Anchor: 

  1. Identify the spot where you intend to hang your wall art.
  2. Position the drill bit on top of the identified spot and bore it into the wall. Remember to drill in the straight position. 
  3. Bang your masonry anchor into the hole till it reaches the level with the wall.
  4. Use a screwdriver to install the screw. Secure the screw into the masonry anchor with the leftover space.
  5. Hang your heavy wall art.

Hard Wall Hangers: 

Hard wall hangers are specially designed to be installed on masonry walls made of cement, brick, stone, marble, and others. These hangers are moderate and hold up to 11 kg of weight. It is over double the power of regular adhesive hooks.

Installing hard wall hangers to hang tin wall art on cement walls is quite easy because they bear strong pegs that have the capacity to hold the base into the wall. You can use several hard wall hangers to grasp wall art that overdoes the weight limitation. Don’t hang artwork on a hard wall hanger if it is too hefty. The hooks on the wall may be torn out if you overload them.

Steps to install large metal wall art on a cement wall with the help of hard wall hangers: 

  1. Identify the spot where you intend to install the hanger.
  2. Position the hanger over the identified spot and gently start pounding in the pins.
  3. Step back and ensure the hanger is in the correct position once the pins are halfway inserted. If it is not, pause and make the necessary adjustments.
  4. Continue hammering the pins into the cement wall.
  5. Hang your tin wall art.
  1. Adhesive Hooks

The simplest method to hang wall art on cement is with adhesive hooks. You can put up, take down, and remove them easily, as they are temporary. It simply means you can use adhesive hooks to place a lightweight wall art without wire, and they don’t damage your wall anyway. 

If they don’t mount accurately, the wall art is likely to fall; therefore, they are considered the weakest method. Before hanging, read the packet label that tells what kind of weight these hooks can hold and check the image weight. 

If you put up heavy wall art, it would be detached from the wall in no time. Adhesive hooks work perfectly for artwork weighing less than 5kg. As drilling is not required, these hooks are the perfect option to hang lightweight artwork on cement walls. They have a sticky back that sticks firmly to the wall.

Steps to install wall art on a cement wall with the help of Adhesive Hooks: 

  1. Use an alcohol wipe or mild cleanser to clean the wall area.
  2. Let it dry for a few minutes.
  3. Use a marker to select the spot where you intend to place hooks.
  4. Remove the plastic of the hooks.
  5. Grip the adhesive on the wall for at least 30 seconds and apply firm pressure.
  6. Wait 30 to 60 minutes before hanging your object to allow the adhesive to stick completely to the wall.


We hope these methods have been a great source and have provided you with the inspiration and responses you need. Once you’ve chosen your option, you can start using exquisite wall-mounted art to transform your empty cement walls into more welcoming and attractive ones.

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