How to Choose the Right Moss Species for Your DIY Moss Wall Art

DIY Moss Wall Art

Moss wall art is one of the interesting ways to add a piece of nature into your space. A great thing about this wall art is it is cost-effective and doesn’t require high-maintenance fixtures to add recommended greenery to dull indoor spaces.  When creating a stunning DIY moss wall art, one of the crucial steps you’ll need to take is choosing the right moss species. A perfect DIY moss wall art highly depends on the right moss species.  Mosses are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and growth habits; each possesses distinct features that can impact your overall aesthetic.  Are you new to the world of decorative moss? Don’t worry! This comprehensive guide has got you covered. In this article, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know about moss wall décor.

 Whether you want to enhance your home or office space, we’re here to help you navigate the process and choose the perfect moss fixture that suits your needs and style.

What is Moss Plant?

Most are small flowerless plants that grow in thick clumps and sheets. They do not possess roots and instead cling to rocks and bark with rhizoids, a hair-like structure that absorbs water and other nutrients.  Moreover, mosses are resilient and can survive in extreme weather, from deserts to snowy peaks. Mosses are ancient plant species that have been here for 450 million years.  

moss wall art

Different Types of Moss Plants: 

Moss belongs to a flowerless family of plants that has numerous species. The type of moss used as a moss wall decor is classified based on growth patterns, look, and natural habitat. If we distinguish the moss in terms of colors, they are available in distinct shades of green, from dark to light or chartreuse. Furthermore, they are classified as live or preserved moss requiring little maintenance. Let’s check out some of the widely used varieties of mosses that will help you choose the right one. 

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Forest Moss: 

As the name suggests, Forest Moss is a moss plant that grows on the forest floor, trees stump, and logs. How they look can vary slightly depending on the forest where they thrive. Forest sheet moss is best for preserving moss wall art and adds a touch of wilderness to your space. 

Sheet Moss: 

Sheet moss is a species of moss that nurtures in sheets. The sheet moss is commonly known as carpet moss. This specie of moss is a most popular choice for biophilic designs and home wall decors as it follows a uniform growth pattern. 

Mood Moss: 

Mood Moss earns its name from its ever-changing appearance. When adequately watered, this variety of moss shows a fluffy and vibrant look. However, when deprived of moisture, it appears rather delicate and frail.  Mood moss grows in clusters; its leaves exhibit a charming windswept appearance, leaning gracefully to one side. Thus, adding a Mood Moss into your living space can add a touch of whimsy and enchantment.

Spanish Moss: 

Spanish moss has slim stems with curvy and thin leaves. Spanish moss grows in hanging structures and can reach up to 6 meters in height. If you want to add a quirky touch to your space, these hanging Spanish moss wall décor can be a perfect choice. 

Pillow Moss: 

Pillow, or cushion moss, is easily recognizable as it grows in mounds and bouncy bunches. These soft, cushion-like formations can introduce a playful and eccentric touch to terrariums. Due to its cushiony shape, it adds an interesting character to green, vibrant walls. 

Reindeer Moss:

Reindeer moss is more like lichen. Reindeer moss has a unique branching structure. These mosses are a staple food of the reindeer; therefore, they are called reindeer moss. You can add some drama to your DIY moss wall art with these unique 3-D branches. Consider this specie if you want something unique and interesting for your walls. 

Royal Pool Moss: 

Royal Pool Moss flourishes in vibrant green orbs or clusters, lending a stunning accent to terrariums and moss panels. It possesses the potential to transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one by creating a captivating and eclectic moss wall décor.

Shag Moss: 

Shag moss is unique due to its slackly spreading leaves that spread in different directions. Shag moss goes best with a boho or rustic-themed interior. Moreover, it can create a shaggy look on indoor moss walls. 

Mountain Moss:

As its name suggests, mountain moss grows in the mountains. It is vibrant green moss present at the mountain crests. Preserved mountain moss is perfect for creating a splash of green on indoor walls. Moreover, you can pair it with other mosses to make a fascinating collage of textures and colors. 

Live vs. Preserved Moss wall art: 

Live moss wall art possess live mosses that breathe and enhance the air quality in indoor areas. But they require daily maintenance to look fresh. They need regular fertilization and irrigation. Also, they require sunlight to survive and thus are not ideal for dark spaces.  Preserved moss wall art on the other side needs no maintenance. These plants can survive in any area of the house and don’t need water, fertilizers, and sunlight.  Furthermore, they undergo preservation with the help of industrial methods that effectively maintain the appearance, texture, and lush green color of freshly harvested live moss.

Why add Moss Wall Art to your indoor space: 

In past years, interior designers have developed their interest in bringing innovative ideas and designs to decorate indoor spaces with moss wall art. Since then, it has kept on flourishing. It is because nature has been very kind and has healing properties; therefore, having a little touch of nature in your space will be beneficial. However, having a green color in your space can enhance mood, increase productivity and concentration, boost energy, and improve memory.

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Therefore, people are creating their DIY moss wall art instead of using faux plants in their décor that are made of plastic.  There has been a recent surge in the emergence of designs and artworks that draw inspiration from moss from various parts of the world. These creations have captured global attention and have become highly sought after, as people find themselves irresistibly drawn to them.

DIY moss wall art can be a striking addition to your indoor spaces, but it has some amazing features too. As we mentioned earlier, it requires low maintenance; you only have to place it in a humid environment and sprinkle little water to keep it refreshed. Also, mosses are best at cleaning the air, and some living mosses have soundproofing properties.

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Choosing the right moss species for your DIY wall art is crucial for a stunning and successful result. By considering factors such as the desired aesthetic, lighting, moisture conditions, vertical suitability, and maintenance requirements, you can create a perfect framed moss wall art that aligns with your preference and ensures durability of your moss wall art. 

Whether you opt for a vibrant and lush green variety or a delicate and feathery texture, choosing the perfect moss species will bring nature’s beauty into your space and create a captivating focal point.

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