How to Choose Custom Canvas Wall Art Sizes

custom canvas wall art

Custom canvas wall art is an extremely popular form of art work. Canvas prints are generally created as a memory in the mind of the artist, so the final product is as unique to the artist as it’s created. This is why custom canvas photo prints are so special and stand out from the crowd. The canvas itself is stretched over a frame. The image is printed directly onto the canvas and the frame, or backing is either fabric leather, vinyl or paper. To ensure the highest quality print, most artists use professional inks that are tested and approved before the artwork is printed on canvas.

An Overview

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There are literally hundreds of different sizes to choose from when choosing custom canvas prints. Each artist uses different sizes for their pieces. The sizes can be large or small, square or round, oval or rectangular, and in many other shapes and sizes. The variety of different sizes allows an artist to choose something that will look best inside their home or office. Some people like to make their own art by designing the canvas and using photo software, while others like to order custom sizes and have a professional create a size that will work best for them.

To create custom canvas wall art, most artists will provide a sample picture that they have designed on high quality canvas. The image may be enlarged or reduced in size to better fit a small or large frame. They may offer to create a custom-size frame to go with the painting. However, if the canvas prints are being purchased for a commercial purpose, it is not usually necessary to order a custom-frame.

High Benefits

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If an artist designs their own art, there is a good chance they will also include some of their personal touches. Some people like to have their names, initials, or a symbol represented on their custom canvas wall art. Some people like to see a particular sports team’s logo represented on their art. Whatever the purpose of the canvas to print, it will certainly look nice as a decorative item in any room of the house.

If a photograph is being ordered, the photo will need to be printed on a high quality canvas that is rolled around a wooden frame. The print can then be ready to hang on the wall when it arrives. The photo can be stretched to fit the canvas wrap if need be.

Go Online

Ordering canvas wall art online has become popular because many online stores offer free shipping and handling. However, some online sites do require an extra large order, which may lead to extra charges. It is best to make sure that the website does provide a decent shipping schedule for extra large orders. Most stores that sell fine art paintings and prints also include frames for these types of items.

The price of a custom canvas art print will vary greatly depending on the quality of the print, the size of the print and the store that offer it. Many times the price can be as much as 10x the original cost. A large, extra large print of a favorite photo would cost significantly more than a framed print of a child’s favorite painting. Some high-quality paintings can cost thousands of dollars.


People who want to hang framed canvas wall art in a public area should take care in choosing the perfect size for the piece. Large photos that are stretched are often too large to hang on a standard size wall. They should be displayed on a canvas that is at least double the size of the original photo so that they look proportionally larger. Even a small detail such as a tree limb stretching across the background of a painting can throw off the scale of a painting and ruin its appearance when hung on a wall. Paints should also be cleaned thoroughly before hanging to ensure they will remain beautiful for years to come.

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