How Romantic Is Romanesque Art

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It usually portrays events which are important to the historical background of the time period in which it was created. Of course, many people view art as having nothing much to do with history, but this is not true when you take into consideration the artistic representations that Romanesque art provides. This type of art had its origins during the height of the Classical Roman Empire when artists used their talents to depict beautiful scenes which helped people understand the happenings of the time period more clearly.

Throughout time periods, different artists have attempted to portray various historical topics through their artwork. For instance, artists of the Classical period utilized the scenes from the Republic, the Caesars, and the Second Century to paint historical scenes which helped people better understand these time periods. In comparison to the works of the Renaissance, the works from the middle ages onwards were often harsh and hostile in their depiction of scenes from the time periods. However, as time progressed the style of art of the Romans changed. As the time periods became more complex, so did the images that artists portrayed.

Artists From The Middle Ages

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The most common subject which artists from the middle Ages used to portray was politics, which was common to the time periods in which the Roman Empire was at its strongest. This is because the Romans had been conquering large parts of Europe for several decades. As such many of the subjects which the Romans featured in their works of art during this time period were based on battles which they had been involved in. Therefore, it can be seen that the subject matter of Romanesque art had a political bent to it.

During the Renaissance, art time periods which included depictions of gardens and waterfalls are very common. Unlike the Romanesque art, which depicts tumultuous battles and difficult geographical situations, renaissance artwork tends to be highly peaceful. This is because these paintings tended to highlight the serenity of nature. They also tended to use animals and humans as subjects, which helped them depict a side of human life which was previously unseen.

During The Baroque Time Period

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During the Baroque time period, or the Golden Age of Italian art, the style of art changed completely. This is because there was a flowering of artistic talent which had been nurtured throughout the centuries. It is thought that this golden age of Italian art began in the 1400s and ended with the French Revolution. The Baroque Period, which lasted from the 1400s until the late nineteenth century, saw a dramatic artistic change with a focus on nature and the environment.

During the nineteenth century, a movement towards realism began to take hold in art time periods, with the French school of painting being replaced by the impressionist school. Realism is about seeing the world as we see it. 

Post-Renaissance Art 

However, with medieval times, artists began to portray more complex subject matter using highly detailed images. In particular, artists such as Michelangelo sought to portray ancient Greece and Rome on canvas.

Post-Renaissance art was a period of renaissance paintings, and this movement gave way to Impressionism. Impressionism, in particular, portrayed modern cities and life in a highly visual and spontaneous manner. This is why the works of Leonardo da Vinci are still popular today. During this art time, artists such as Sandro Botticelli tried to capture the monotony and dullness of English city streets. Other artists focused on everyday objects such as toys and ceramics.


Historically, all of the preceding art periods were colored by one of two primary emotions, either joy or sadness. Paintings during this time were aimed at arousing these emotions in people. However, most artists during this time did not paint about emotions at all, but more about subjects such as nature. For example, artists such as Michelangelo sought to recreate ancient Greek and Roman architecture, but only painted objects that appeared to be natural. The lack of emotions in this artwork is what makes it so alluring to art lovers.

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