Framed Art of Canvas

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Framed artwork is amazing because they are more suitable for your home or office decoration. You can find this framed art of canvas in any exhibition of framing supplies. Moreover, you will be happy to know that framed art of canvas is easy to install. If you want to personalize the frame with your taste, then just have it customized with the theme that you prefer.

Direction to Make:

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STEP 1: Measure your artwork and get your custom frame. This is the first step for you to do when you want to get a customized framed art of canvas. Make sure that the dimensions are correct so you will not have any problem installing it inside your home or office. Then, choose from pre-cut sizes such as 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 because they are easy to find in any framing supplies store. You just need to use a tape measure and pencil to mark the dimensions on the backside of your artwork paper before cutting it out.

STEP 2: Get rid of dust and dirt before mounting. Usually, some debris is seen on the edges of panels that can be easily wiped off with a clean cloth. If you want to use any type of solvent, then look for the one that is made especially for artwork and apply it sparingly on your frame’s outer edges. Let it dry before mounting.

STEP 3: Sometimes, some debris can be seen on the edges of panels, which can be easily wiped off with a clean cloth. If you plan to use any type of solvent, then look for those that are made especially for artwork and apply it sparingly on your frame’s outer edges. Let them dry before installing them into your wall.

STEP 4: Install the hanging wire after doing all previous steps as instructed above. It will depend on your artwork whether you will install it with or without a wire. It is easy to determine if there is a hanging wire that you need because it is usually looped through the back of the frame’s top corners. STEP 5: Install your framed art of canvas by first holding the panel against your wall at eye level and making sure that it is perfectly level. If all previous steps are done properly, then mounting should be straightforward. Use wall hooks based on their weight. Do not only rely on nails only because they can easily pull out of drywall especially during earthquakes or heavy winds.


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Framed art is a great way to bring life into your space and show off your style. If you want framed artwork that looks custom-made, then the only thing you’ll need for this project is a large piece of canvas, mat board or foam core, framing wire (if necessary), and some hooks. Keep in mind how much weight each hook can support before installing them on either side of the frame’s top corners with an electric drill. After finishing the installation, all you have to do is hang it up! We hope these steps helped make your decision easier when choosing which framed artwork to buy from any store near you.

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