For Artist Students AndProfessionals Here Are Graphite Charcoal Drawing Pencils To Produce Quality Work!

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Drawing is one of the most popular hobbies that almost everyone starts from their school, but very few can master it and take it to the next level. It would be best if you do sheer hard work and practice to reach that level and with all this you also need the knowledge of proper tools and techniques that can help you to be a good pencil drawing artist. You can use various charcoal drawing pencils to help you take your drawing to the next level.

Usually, you can find a full package of these pencils and various other important tools together, which you can buy and start using to make your drawing look more beautiful and realistic. There are various important and minute pencil drawing techniques like holding a pencil correctly, using different pencils for different thicknesses, and many more, which you can keep in mind while making your drawing. You can easily get this amazing graphite charcoal drawing pencil, which can help you master your drawing skills and take it to a different level.


·         Material Used for pencils: Graphite and Charcoal

·         Package Includes: (12) sketch drawing pencils, (1) graphite pencil, (3) charcoal pencils, (3) charcoal rods, (3) graphite rods, (1) metal art knife, (1) double-headed pencil extension, (3) solid paper pens (2) erasers, (1) sandpaper, (2) pencil sharpener.

·         Carrying Bag: You get a compact bag to keep all your essentials tools altogether.


Pros Of These Graphite Charcoal Pencils

·         By using these pencils, you can give your drawing a different look and precision.

·         These charcoal pencils can give you fine, crisp, dark lines on your picture.

·         It will help you to increase your creativity by using the right tool.

·         It can be best used for larger pictures, and can give you darker shades easily.

·         You can work faster with charcoal Graphite pencils.

·         You can easily take this bag with you and travel to different places without using any extra space.

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Cons Of These Graphite Charcoal Pencils

·         It becomes hard to carry these charcoal drawings with you. You have to be very careful while bringing them.

·         Graphite can give you unwanted shine to your drawing when you keep using the pencil at the same place again and again.

·         There are various options available rather than using a charcoal pencil as it may destroy your drawing by breaking its nip on the paper.


Being a pencil drawing artist, you need to understand the importance of these tools and techniques, which can somewhere help you in your drawings. If you are new to pencil drawing and want to take your hobby to a greater height, it becomes very important to understand these graphite charcoal pencils’ uses. These are easily available online and offline, making it a mandatory tool kit to have with you. You can carry all your drawing essentials in it and give your creativity a New edge.

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