Five Most Loved And Famous Sculpture Artists

famous sculpture artists

Sculpture artists are some of the most loved persons on this planet. Their work is praised by people immensely. They make sculptors that look real. There are a large number of Famous Sculpture Artists that all of us have heard about but never really learned about. They have been gifted with creativity and their work has endurance. The power of the sculpture can be seen in the quality of the marble used and the way it is made.

Famous Sculpture Artists Who Made History

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Here are some of the most talented and Famous Sculpture Artists that have made history with their extremely magnificent work.


He was active in the 4th century BCE. Many of the ancient sculpture artists are unknown, however, there is one artist whose name has been shining for a long time. Well, credits to the authors. Sadly, his original artwork didn’t survive but everyone is familiar with the work of Praxiteles. One of his famous works is Aphrodite of Knidos. His work influenced the way female statues were made.


He was an Italian sculptor and was known for promoting art as well as the culture in the times of the Italian Renaissance. He used to work in Florence and his work can still be seen in the city. His bronze statue of David marks a significant alteration in art. His sculpture was the first free-upright nude since ancient times and it marks the starting of Renaissance sculpture. Another famous work by him is Penitent Magdalene.


Although he is associated with fresco art because of his Sistine Chapel ceiling, he is a great sculptor. He had a belief that each block made of marble is waiting for art to be done. There was a random sculpture, until the day he died, Michelangelo was completely dedicated to his work and kept on working until the week he died at 88.

Gianlorenzo Bernini

No other artist can define the Baroque era better than Gianlorenzo Bernini. His impressive career lasted for about 70 years. When he was a teen, he created sculptures of marble. Later on, he became the architect of St. Peter’s Basilica. He followed the footsteps of Michelangelo. He created not only the iconic plaza of Basilica but also the colonnade. He was a master of materials and was known for his surprising ability to create movements and bring emotions into his work. The material of his sculptures looked so soft that people wanted to mush it.

Auguste Rodin

This French sculptor artist is famous for bringing the arts of sculpture-making to the modern age. He was trained classically and got attention internationally after his work got displayed at the World’s Fair. He is still one of the most Famous Sculpture Artists, known for his mesmerizing artwork. The Thinker is one of his pre-eminent works. It has been cast around the globe several times. He focused deeply on inner emotion and according to him suffering was a changing point in the history of art. It is the hallmark of Modernism. He surfaced details, with light as well as shadow, for conveying emotions.


Famous Sculpture Artists have left a huge impact on all the people who are die-hard fans of art. They have given everyone huge milestones to clear with their creativity. They are a true source of inspiration.

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