Famous Street Artists – You Should Know These Talented Artists

famous street artists

Everyone possesses some of the other talent be it dancing, singing, skating, writing, etc. Apart from these talents, some people are blessed with the talent of sketching and making art pieces. They make those portraits and art pieces that awe everyone. Some people don’t keep this talent to themselves and show it to the world by making something artistic in public. A person who makes art in public places is known as a Street Artist. There are many Famous Street Artists that deserves the respect for their artistic talent and art, as it is not easy to work on the street because of the unpredictable weather, noises, and passerby. All of these Famous Street Artists have got different skills and talents, but one thing that they have in common is the impression they leave on us and their dedication. 

Urban Street Artists

A person standing in front of a graffiti covered wall

One of the most Famous Street Artists is Banksy, who is a legendary artist and is loved by everyone. He is a British artist who began to spray paint the stenciled images, the political themes, and Pop culture mixes. He later shifted his work to portray the world crises like the refugee camp in Calais. Vhils is another Famous Street Artist who is super talented and possesses the ability to turn a scratched building into a masterpiece. He uses tools like a chisel, power drill, and different types of paints. He gained the recognition he deserved after his one video of carving the image on the wall got viral.  In the names of Famous Street Artists, Rao can never be excluded. What separates him from other artists is his way of adding layers to his art, allowing his viewers to have multiple perspectives of his art piece. Christian Guemy aka C215 is a French artist who has made the streets beautiful by painting the local faces on the walls. Another reason he is famous is because of his stencil art. He used his stencil art to make a portrait of his daughter Nina. 

Iconic Street Artists

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CRISP is one of the most Famous Street Artists Who was born and raised in Australia but later migrated to Colombia. In Columbia, street art was not illegal, so he was allowed to display his art pieces on the walls to the public. His artwork displays aesthetic works and socio-political issues. Ronzo is another street artist who is famous because of his guerilla-like approach. The use of textures, rich colors, and social commentary on world affairs makes him different from others. DALeast is one of the most Famous Street Artists, who is not only a street artist but also a sculptor, digital artist, and painter. His artwork mostly portrays humans and animals. Because of his vivid strokes, his work appears to be three-dimensional. 

Types Of Street Arts

Graffiti is one of the most popular street art that is done on the walls. It is used to give some message or to make a plain or scratched wall more attractive and beautiful.  Its history goes back to the Greek and Egyptian periods. Sculptures are another kind of street art which is the 3D structures. These sculptures mostly portray religious, historical, or political belongings. Poster art is 2D and is done by the artist on large posters which are either hung on the wall or are attached to it. Some artists have used sticker street art where they make some eye-catchy stickers of different types and sizes and then post them out on the chairs, benches, lamppost, trees, etc. Some artists draw by using the spray. These are known as spray paint murals. This makes the wall look attractive and cool. 


Thus, there are a number of Famous Street Artists, who made people fall in love with the art. They used their talent to convey to people some big issues and therefore deserve more recognition by the world. 

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