Learn About The Famous Modern Artists of the Early 20th Century – A Short Guide

famous modern artists

When you hear the name of Anselm Kiefer, one thinks of classic images from the golden age of European art, like The Thinker. However, Anselm did not simply paint beautiful masterpieces; he was also an important and influential figure in the evolution of abstract expressionism. Anselm developed the slowness, quietude, and deliberate simplicity of the artwork that was to become known as Expressionism. He introduced a new way to paint, one that spoke to the anxiety of his times, and spoke of a new way of looking at art.

An Overview Famous Modern Artists


Expressionism was born from the artists that saw the ugly side of cities and decided to make their mark on the world. These artists created works of social commentary and deepened the societal divide in the process. Many famous modern artists like Andy Warhol andagine cities in the 1990’s where the wealthy and famous had completely erased themselves from the limelight, leaving the working class to struggle to survive in the city. This was something unheard of for Anselm. He went against the grain and painted some of the most striking portraits ever made of people from his community.

John Cage came from an artistic family and studied with many of the great artists of his time including Boucher and Chardin. John is perhaps best known for his experimentation with color, and the utilization of the technique of montage in his work. He is sometimes credited with being the precursor of modern art. A famous painting that can be said to be a major contribution to the formation of modern paintings is Soup Toilet.

Famous Artists Of Early 20th Century

A colorful kite sitting on top of a map

One of the most influential artists of the early twentieth century was Pop artist Jasper Johns. While he may not be as popular as some of the others mentioned here, he had a huge impact on the modern artists that came after him. He is known for his color and geometric style that made his paintings stand apart from other artists of the period. John’s style is best portrayed in paintings such as Girl with Ball, which he completed while he was still a teenager. The image of a girl carrying a ball that is intricately detailed is an image that has always resonated with me. Some people would call it “girly” art, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t inspired by real, serious art.

Mark Rothko is another artist that an important part of the early 20th century and remains very popular today. His work is distinctive and has been called “Rivka” by his former students. One of Rothko’s paintings, iture, is thought to be the first modernist artwork done on canvas. It showed Rothko’s fascination with the Russian tradition of interior design. His artistic influences include Cubism and Fauvism.

One of the greatest modern artists of the early 20th century was Jackson Pollock. While he didn’t create any artwork that is considered a “masterpieces,” he was an important part of the conceptualist movement and was a major figure in the art world for many years. Most people are familiar with his famous work, which includes such works as Wheat, a wild collection of orange peels, Baby Phat, and Grey. He also did paintings such as American Fuzzy Logic and Billie Jean.

One of the most notable figures of the early part of the 20th century was Salvador Dali. Although not widely recognized by the majority of the population, his influence on Picasso and others is undeniable. As an artist, Dali focused on bringing together several stylistic influences, including French impressionism, Spanish realism, and European classical architecture, to create unique styles of his own.

In The End

One of the lesser-known aspects of Dali’s work is that it was begun while he was attending college in Florence, Italy. Although van Gogh was arrested and questioned for practicing self-destructive behaviors, his paintings were eventually confiscated and destroyed. After being discharged from prison, he lived in France and opened a studio in the south of France, where he worked on various painting projects, among other things. However, after seeing Voila (oration), his first formal artwork, he returned to Spain and completed it there. In 1950, he moved to Paris and worked with famous artists like Picasso, Braque & Gris. Together, he produced some of the finest paintings of the early modern era.

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