Famous 80s Artists From Russia

famous 80s artists

There are many people who collect famous 80s artists. These people may be into collecting paintings, or jewelry, or shoes, but they all have one thing in common, and that is they love the art of the eighties. If you want to know more about these great artists and where to find their works, then read this article.

One artist who is quite popular among those who collect art from the era is Anna Vittoria Kuznetsov. Anna was a famous fashion designer and corset manufacturer whose designs can be seen in everything from modern to vintage clothing. This lady’s work can be found at various booth exhibits around the world, such as the London Fashion Week booth. If you are interested in buying Anna’s work, there is a lovely website you can visit, where you will find plenty of pictures of her work, along with her bio. You can also learn about her other works from this website.

Famous 80s Artists

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While not on the list of famous 80s artists, another well-known Russian artist, Aleksandr Pushkin, also belongs to the 80s. Like Anna, he was a famous fashion designer whose designs can be found in everything from modern to vintage clothing. Pushkin was also a famous corset maker whose corsets can be found at various booth exhibits around the world. Many visitors to the London Fashion Week booth are attracted to the beautiful outfits worn by the models attending the show, which is quite understandable. You can find more information about him from the website mentioned below.

If you love perfume, you may want to look at Marina Nagyevna Zaygetova. While not strictly an artist, if you love Marina Nagyevna Zaygetova’s works, you should definitely take a trip to her studio in St. Petersburg. There you will find original paintings, prints, and sculptures. This talented lady has influenced scores of modern artists and continues to be seen in various art galleries and museums around the world.

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The St. Petersburg Art Museum has two famous Russian artists whose works you should definitely see. Vasili Yepin and Anatoly Tsitsin. You can see some amazing paintings here, which were inspired by a famous book written by Anatoly Tsitsin.

You don’t have to travel to Paris to enjoy the influence of Marina Nagyevna Zaygetova. If you are interested in Russian perfumes, you should visit her works at the Vlastika factory in Saint Petersburg. This factory produces over 40 different types of perfume. Zaygetova has worked with famous Russian authors, including Pushkin, among others. This perfume is inspired by the writings of theirs and is sold all over the world.

One other great artist from Russia is Evgeny Shevtsov. His artwork, which is called stroma, inspired the famous Star Wars movie trilogy. Among his famous works are paintings of spaceships and flowers, which you may want to purchase for yourself if you ever set foot into a Star Wars theme park. Other works by this Russian artist can be found all over the place, in museums and galleries all over Europe.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the famous Russian artists that you may want to see while in Paris. The French capital is also home to many talented artists, who you may want to check out during your stay here. Some of these artists specialize in contemporary art, while others focus on traditional-style Russian art. Regardless of your taste, you will certainly be able to find works of art from these artists at an affordable price if you visit them during the right time of the year. Paris is such a fascinating and exciting city, with everything you could possibly want to see during your stay here.

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  8. Collaborations and Side Projects: Some artists collaborated with other musicians or pursued solo projects during the 80s. Highlight these endeavors and their significance in expanding their artistic horizons.
  9. Legacy and Continued Influence: Discuss how the music and impact of these artists have endured beyond the 80s. Explore their influence on subsequent generations of musicians and the ongoing popularity of their songs.
  10. Awards and Recognition: Highlight the awards and accolades received by these artists during the 80s, such as Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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