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Marilyn Monroe

From posters, banners, and even blankets, I started collecting Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. I’d been looking for a silver ring with a diamond, but since then I’ve never looked back. It was around four or five years ago when I decided I wanted to purchase only Marilyn Monroe. Everyone has certain things, and I’ve been collecting anything and everything about Marilyn Monroe since I was a kid. My first poster caught my attention with her beauty and humor, so I began collecting anything and everything relating to her. She’d caught my eye with her attractiveness and humor. It was only when I started to pay attention to her that she began to appear on a lot of things. There was always her face on an item where I went. Right then and there, I realized how popular she had become. She was still being discussed by this generation as far back as the 1950s. Her magnificent lifestyle, modeling, and even acting were major accomplishments that made me realize she led a life many of us wished we had.

History of Marilyn Monroe Poster:

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She’s become an iconic beauty icon for her platinum blonde tresses, impeccably done cosmetics, and a wardrobe that comprises a single bed sheet. Her name still rings through the air more than half a century after her death. She was an inspiration for many women, including herself, who followed in her footsteps and became Playmate of the Year. Her career began with pinups and provocative pictures through various media. All elements of the photograph above convey a variety of messages, from inviting to sensual, with her body carelessly draped across the bed. Marilyn Monroe’s photo is the pinnacle of seductive beauty, yet take a closer look at it and something catches your attention. The tray of food set to her side, which barely covered her body, suggested another facet of Marilyn Monroe’s come-hither attitude. A woman of Miss Monroe’s mature stature would not be seen dead next to an overflowing platter in today’s culture, implying that a first question is: When did the meaning of “sexy” change from a healthy weight to a negative two? Another issue emerges; how can one of America’s most famous icons be considered “timelessly attractive.


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-Marilyn Monroe is an iconic beauty icon.

-She is considered “timelessly attractive.”

-She has a fascinating life story.


-Many people view her as only a sex symbol.

-Some people find her unattractive.

-She died at a young age.

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Creating a Marilyn Monroe Poster:

1. Research Marilyn Monroe’s life story before creating your poster. This will help you avoid making any factual errors.

2. Use high-quality images of Marilyn Monroe when creating your poster. This will help ensure that your poster looks professional and attractive.

3. Choose a catchy slogan or phrase to include on your poster. This will help ensure that people remember your poster.

4. Don’t use images of Marilyn Monroe that are low quality or have been heavily Photoshopped. This will make your poster look unprofessional and cheap.

5. Don’t use offensive language or images on your poster. This will only serve to alienate potential customers.

6. Don’t use images of Marilyn Monroe that are not appropriate for children or families. This will limit the appeal of your poster.

Tips on Making a Marilyn Monroe Poster Cheaply:

1. Use a program like Photoshop to create your poster. This will allow you to create a professional-looking poster quickly and easily.

2. Use a printer that offers discounts for large prints. This will help you save money on your poster.

3. Don’t use a lot of color in your poster. This will increase the cost of printing your poster.

4. Don’t use complicated design elements in your poster. This will make your poster more difficult and expensive to print.

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