How to Choose the Best Canvas for Painting? An Ultimate Guide

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Artists love to paint on canvas, even though multiple surfaces are available for painting. Regarding surfaces to work on, Canvas painting pictures are considered the gold standard. One reason is they are readily available, sturdy, professional, and easy to hang on walls, doors, or any medium. They come in all types of sizes and shapes. 

Canvas is an archetypal painter’s support. It offers plenty of benefits over paper. It is much more durable, make sure that your work lasts longer. So it is worth spending some time to get a grip on this painted canvas art. However, as many types of canvas are available, choosing the right type that compliments your work is as important as the work itself. They come in various materials, textures, and weights, each with its properties and importance. Some are sturdier than others; some are more textured than the rest, and pricing differs from pricey to cheap.

So the question arises of how one would know which canvas to choose that help in creating beautiful canvas pictures. So there are a few things that artists should remember before buying the canvas:

Things to consider before buying canvas painting pictures:

Before buying canvas online or in stores, you must figure out your purpose and need. 

  1. Purpose:
  • Experiment: if you’re buying a canvas to experiment on, then you must not spend $60 on a canvas. It is okay to spend $1-3 on a canvas. You can get it in bulk from art craft stores. Any size of canvas will do justice to your skills. You can get canvas board which is also a great option and can be stored easily. 
  • Professional use: if you’re a professional artist and want to create a mind-blowing painting so you can sell it to a collector, then you require high-quality canvas, so get ready to spend big bucks. Investing your money and time to get pro-grade canvas shows dedication and will surely pay off in the end. Painted canvas art will look amazing with thicker gallery-wrapped edges.

Canvases are categorized by material and weight. The weight of canvas often associates with its texture. The material includes synthetic, natural fibers and blends. You can decide what category you want to buy.

  1. Material: 
  • Heavy Canvases: The moat-textured canvases are made of jute twill, cotton, cotton duck, and flax. These canvases are the heaviest. They are considered to be good canvases.  
  • Lightweight Canvases: These are inexpensive and not ideal for masterpieces as they tend to expand and contract more. They are made from cotton rayon, Hessian, and linen.
  • Linen: Linen canvases are the finest of all. The texture is comparatively smooth and free of lumps or knots. It is a more expensive type. These canvases work best where an artist wants the work’s texture to have little impact on his creation. 
  • Hessian: It is a coarse, reasonable canvas. It is very uncommon. An artist can use it for practice as it requires a lot of priming and works face after a while. It is the best option for one interested in craft painting or who doesn’t want the creation to remain for longer. 
  • Cotton Rayon: this canvas is a result of blending synthetic and natural fiber. It is very durable. It is a ubiquitous canvas and comes with a pre-primed and stretched canvas. They are long-lasting, flexible, and resist chemical damage.

When you paint, you convey your feeling, and texture does wonder in that:

  1. Texture:
  • Watercolors: Thinner layering is preferable if you’re playing with watercolors. Thin layers of paint would glide smoothly all over the canvas without getting impacted by the texture. Simultaneously, the same happened with acrylic paint. In such a case, you should use fine-quality cotton canvas, i.e., cotton duck. Likewise, when you want to create minor scale work, use finer canvas to avoid the inexpensive heavy textured canvas affecting or impacting your fine detailed brushwork. 
  • Bold Brushwork: Choose heavier canvas like cotton jute, duck, and will if you want to use bold brush strokes, firm texture, and palette knife painting. Heavy canvas is also suitable for more significant scale works, but it must get appropriately stretched. 
  • Prime or No Prime: Most canvases are primed with gesso to create a surface that will express the actual colors of the paint. Gesso is a mixture of plaster of Paris, chalk, pigment, or glue. Most of the canvas is already primed, which prevents the paint from getting absorbed into the canvas’s fabric. Some artists still use unprimed canvas painting pictures to get the soft, textured canvas. 

You can find some good quality canvases from different online stores. Here we have picked our few favorites from eBay. 

Canvas Frame for Acrylic Oil Painting Watercolor Board DIY Plate (20x20cm):

Canvas Frame for Acrylic Oil Painting

Product Specification: Material: Canvas, 1.6cm thickness, 20*20cm/ 7.87*7.87 size, natural texture.

Price: US $6.69 on eBay.

Product Description: 

  • Nature texture, easy to paint.
  • The canvas is light and portable, and the sealing and binding are tight and firm.
  • The structure is solid and stable, closely joined with the inner panel.
  • There are plenty of sizes available; you can choose accordingly.
  • It has excellent color absorption capacity, suitable for oil paint and acrylic creation.
  • Cotton and linen oil painting frame, the surface is more robust and crack-free, appropriate for multiple painting pigments to fulfill various painting needs. 

3 Pack of US Art Supply 30″ x 40″ Acrylic Primed Cotton Duck Stretched Canvas:


Product Specification: 100% cotton, 30*40 inch stretched canvas, three pack professional artist quality, triple primed, heavyweight gesso

Price: US $89.99 on eBay.


Product Description: 

  • Pure cotton canvas with medium scrap, they grasp the paint well without absorbing it and retain the glossiness and natural tone.
  • The ¾ thickness is suitable for all types of artists and painting media. Ideal to use with each type of paint, like oil, watercolor, acrylic, etc.
  • Firm and durable frames are lightweight and easy to keep, hold and hang.
  • These top-quality canvases are hand-stretched firmly onto stretcher bars made of kiln-dried pinewood and back stapled to provide neat edges.
  • They are ideal for professional artists and students. 
  • Triple primed with titanium gesso, acid-free acrylic to provide the perfect medium to create masterpieces. 

Paint Drawing Wooden Art Frame Artist Canvas Oil Paint Board Painting Canvas

painting canvas

Product Specification: Oil paint board, wooden canvas, white color.

Price: US $7.77 on eBay.

Product Description

  • Canvas makes the canvas panel. Therefore the brushes will slide over the panels, making the painting flawless.
  • These canvas panels are suitable for a variety of media, whether it would be gouache, oil, acrylic, and tempera.
  • These high-quality empty panels are excellent presents for relatives and friends and cute things to paint for your girlfriend. 
  • Close angles and four wrapped corners are thoroughly reviewed before stretching the canvas to achieve effective and tidy results.
  • This blank canvas is an excellent way to initiate creativity. 


It’s essential to choose the best canvas for your painting. Certain types of artwork look better on particular canvases. The textures, weights, and quality levels of canvas materials differ. The purpose of the artwork, the style you picture for the work, and how long you want the work to last are factors to consider while choosing a canvas. Canvas painting pictures can be a good thing to choose if you want to give it to someone as a birthday present.

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