Canvas Wall Art for Bedrooms – Make Your Room Fancier

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If your bedroom walls seem lonely, then beautiful canvas wall art is the perfect option to pull your space together. 

They can be very durable! Canvas paintings are easy to hang on your walls and can withstand any weather to ensure that it brings life to your home walls, whether inside or outside. Canvas art is very popular because it costs considerably less than traditional prints. You might not know that you can have affordable canvas art that looks expensive.

However, most people may find it difficult to choose canvas wall art for their homes at first. Here are a few tips and guidelines on choosing canvas wall art for your bedroom walls. 

Size Matters For Canvas Wall Art

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When it comes to wall art, size matters, the canvas art may be that one charm your wall was missing. But if the size isn’t right, something will be off. You might wish that your wall art must be eye-catching rather than just being boring. 

The canvas wall art should occupy between 50%-75% of the available wall space.

If you don’t want to select a huge art, the amazing idea is to group a few smaller arts to create a gallery wall in your bedroom. 

Give your wall art some room to breathe by hanging it between 6 to 12 inches above the furniture’s top.

Select A Theme For Canvas Wall Art

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Another fun way to choose your canvas wall art is by selecting a theme for your bedroom. 

Theme differs from person to person depending upon the room, the individual, and their choices. So before going out to purchase your canvas art, you should have a brief idea about the style and theme you want. 

You should ensure that theme goes well with the rest of the furniture used for your bedroom because if not, there is no point in change in the wall decor and everything. You will always feel the mismatch if you do not focus from the basics.

Let Your Personality Shine 

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Choosing canvas art is quite hard because you want it to reflect your personality in a simple and modern way. Some of them prefer fancy and modern styles, whereas some prefer traditional ones. 

Whichever your aesthetic piece is, make sure that your canvas wall art and paintings are personal and represent who you are.

But it may happen that you can not find the right canvas wall art. You can customize your own! Of course, it’s not at all easy to buy canvas art matching your personality, but there are so many resources to have art completely created just for you and by you! Custom canvas art is easy and simple to try! You could upload any images or inspiration that you have in your mind, and a designer will turn your idea into a modern piece of canvas art that matches your personality. 


When you start making changes, make sure you are attentive since the beginning because you cannot alter some changes later. There are so many options available out there, and it becomes difficult to choose one. Hope these few tips might help you decorate your dream room!

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