Best Way To Hang Metal Wall Art In Your Home

Metal wall art

Metal art wall decor is a great idea to enhance the aesthetic of your space. You can share special memories, show your style, and give additional love to any room with large metal wall art. Interior designers often use it to create a significant impact with little space. However, it might look easy to hang large metal wall art, but you will surely get stuck at some point because it is quite a task. It is a lot heavier than you assumed it to be.

 You need to figure out the accurate measurements, the right fittings for the wall type, and the right tools, and on the top, be extra careful to avoid damaging the wall. We’ve done an assignment for you and made your job pretty easy by dividing this tricky task into a few simple, doable steps. Let’s have a look at these steps:

Choosing a Perfect Location for Your Metal Artwork for Walls: 

 Finding the right spot for your artwork would be the initial step of your how-to-hang metal wall art process. You have to figure out where you can place it. Will you hang it up on the wall? Do you want to use ceiling hooks to hang it from the rafters or connect it to an attached piece of a prune? 

Ensure that your metal piece will be the center of attraction. If your room has big windows, hang your wall art at the corner of the windows or between them to catch people’s attention. In the same way, it will create a statement in your dining area if you place large metal wall art at the mid-point of the room’s table. Once you’re done choosing the place, the next thing to do is take measurements of wall space. Use a straightedge ruler instead of a tape measure to get the proper measurements. 

Things you must have for hanging a large metal wall art:

  • Metal art wall décor.
  • Pencil
  • Strong Hanger
  • Drill machine or screwdriver
  • Nails
  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  1. Get a Strong Hanger:

The device that will hold your heavy metal art must be robust enough to sustain the weight of the art. Most of the time hanger comes along with the metal prints, but this only happens sometimes, so in such cases, you have to buy it separately. If the hanger doesn’t come with the artwork, a sawtooth bar or picture wire is recommended. 

  1. Use tape measure to determine the height: 

 Use a tape measure to determine how high you want to hang your art above the floor. The ideal height is about 140 cm off the ground. If in doubt, place your artwork at eye level or just above. Use a pencil to mark where the painting should go at the top.

  1. Use a Stud Finder to dig out studs:

As we mentioned earlier, metal wall art is robust and heavier than canvas or other framed wall art, so mount them securely; otherwise, it will cause damage if you hang it on plastic or drywall. Studs are a great option when it comes to hanging heavy wall art. Use a stud finder to turn on the stud and slide the finder in a parallel position. Blinking of light will indicate the stud position. You will get a vertical line after finding a stud. Use a pencil to mark the stud’s exact point.

  1. Identify the hanger’s spot:

Identifying how low the hook or wire is on the back of the artwork can help you hang it exactly where you desire. To know this, you need to measure the distance from the wire to the top of the art piece. Note down the measurements. 

Now measure the difference between the pencil mark you made earlier and the new mark you just spotted. With a pencil, mark the new location in a way that is different from your former labeling. That’s how you spot your exact location for a screw.

  1. Fix The Hanger To The Stud:

Use your drill machine to secure the screw into the wall at your predetermined location. In addition to being long enough to reach the wall stud, the screw should have enough extra length to allow your hook or hanger to sit correctly on it. Before implanting the screw, create a pilot hole with a drill machine. 

  1. Drape your metal wall art on the hanger: 

Finally, latch your wall art on the hanger. Verify that the hanger and the whole weight of the artwork are securely attached to the screw before loosening it. Make adjustments to rest the art in an even position. Use the level to check that your art is level with the ground during and after installation.

How to hang outdoor metal wall art outside:

One of the great things about metal wall art is that they don’t adore indoor decoration only, but they are also suitable for outdoor décor. You can hang metal art wall décor and make a statement to show your personal styling and decoration skills.  

While hanging, you need to be cautious about certain things. Look up the following tips:

  • Use hooks that are exclusively designed for outdoor wall art. Specific hooks are available for hanging outdoor items made from stainless or galvanized steel.
  • Make sure that your screws are strong enough to bear heavy metal art.
  • Use screws with a gasket, nut, and a washer because the last thing you wish is for the piece of art to be destroyed by wind or weather or to fall off.
  • When you decide on your large metal wall art for outside, mount it on a solid, sturdy structure, i.e., fence, tree, etc. 


If you’re searching for durable, attractive, and budget-friendly decorative items for your living room, bedrooms, porch, and garden or fill up any wall, metal wall art is something you’ll end your search with. Large Metal wall art is weather-resistant, rust-proof, and simple to maintain, making it different from other types of wall art in that it can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration.

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