Beach Wall Art Canvas – Quick And Easy House Decoration Ideas

beach wall art canvas

Art and craft things related to the beach that can be used as wall paintings for house decoration are referred to as beach wall art canvas. There are many ways to make these, like painting an ocean scene on cardboard to simply just sticking some seashells on top of it. In this article, we’re going to look at  2 simple beach wall art canvas ideas. But first, let’s look at some of the common stuff we’re going to need that is going to be the same with both beach wall canvas arts that we’re going to do.

  • Square or rectangular-shaped cardboard cutouts
  • Hot gun and glue stick
  • glue
  • Sand
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Wall painting brush

Colorful Seashell Wall Art

Wall Art

This colorful seashell wall art is gonna look amazing on any wall and it’s so simple to do that even a small kid can make one. To make this one, cut out cardboard according to the size of the canvas you want (this one is going to be a common thing among both the crafts, so we’re not gonna mention this again). Paint the cardboard with white acrylic paint, use a wall painting brush to spread the paint evenly, and let it dry.

Now take some seashells (just enough to fill the whole cardboard canvas), paint some with white and some with dark and light blue acrylic paint. Once you’re done painting them, leave them for some time and let the paint dry. Once the seashells have dried out, stick the seashells on top of the white pained cardboard with the help of a glue gun. Now, once the glue has dried, your beautiful-looking beach wall art canvas is ready to be hanged on the wall.

3D Beach Canvas Wall Decor

Wall Art

Cover the whole canvas with the glue using the wall painting brush, then pour sand on top of it and make a layer of it, make sure that the sand is spread evenly. If the sand is not sticking on top, add more glue to it. Now take a pencil and draw any shape of your choice into the sand. For now, we’re going to draw a heart. The next step is to make a starfish with clay, use a toothbrush and pencil to draw texture on it, and paint it with red and brown acrylic paint.

Now paint the inside and outside of the heart shape with yellow paint and the outline of the heart with the darker shade of yellow. Once everything dries up, stick the starfish at the right top corner of the heart shape and your 3D beach canvas is ready.


Since crafts are a hot trending thing these days, beach wall art canvas is among the easiest ways to decorate your house with beautiful-looking wall paintings. Not just for your house, if you can do some good-looking beach wall arts, then you can sell them to others as well. 

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