Basic Canvas Painting Ideas For Beginners

canvas painting ideas

Trees are always fantastic canvas painting ideas for artists of all ages. They’re easy to create, look beautiful, and lend themselves perfectly to the larger theme of a painting. The trick is, not to overdo it. The more you focus on the trees, the more you’ll get from them. Here are some tree canvas painting ideas for beginners:

JUMP Rapes

A close up of a flower

When applied correctly, this is an extremely detailed painting that can be completed within a few minutes. This particular painting style is great for acrylic artists because it allows them to get as much detail as possible while still maintaining a basic, clean look. This is also one of the easiest canvas painting ideas for beginners to try out because all you have to do is apply the paint and stare at your new masterpiece for a few hours.

Mini Canvas Painting Ideas. Kids love to draw, and applying artwork to tiny canvases is a lot of fun for them. One of the best things about these types of paintings is that they are also quite inexpensive. When buying canvas art for kids, keep in mind that they may not be as tolerant of messy paint as older children, so always wash their hands before and after applying their artwork.

Hoarder Pencil Painting

A close up of a flower

There are tons of great looking paintings on display at art galleries, but most of them wouldn’t make a suitable canvas for a small kid. As a matter of fact, a very popular type of canvas painting for kids is called a “pet” canvas, which is basically just a small version of a full-size painting. The main advantage of these types of paintings is that they are easy painting ideas for kids that still provide a high quality result.

Art easels. It’s pretty obvious that if you want to teach your child about painting, you’re going to need to provide them with the right type of painting tools. These include canvas painting easels and brushes. If you are looking to purchase canvas brushes, try to stick with the brand that makes more expensive brushes–some cheaper brushes can actually cause some damage to the paint because of cheap materials. You’ll also want to stick with acrylic paints, since the thicker the paint brushes are, the longer the paint stays on the canvas.

Blank Canvas

This is a great way to incorporate your child’s own personal artistic touch into their artwork without the expense of an actual canvas. A blank canvas is a great way for you to allow your children to practice their own unique painting techniques on a blank canvas, and is a great way to start introducing the basics of art. They can doodle for hours, drawing whatever they want on their blank canvas, until finally you ask them to help you “paint” on the canvas by gluing different colors.

Painters Tape. Children love to use paints and brushes, but they also like to apply more decorative items such as flowers, stickers, and stamps on a small canvas. All you need for this project is painters tape, glue, scissors, safety pins, a blank canvas (if you don’t have one), and some glue sticks. Glue sticks are great for touching up your flower images so your kids can see how it should look when all the paint is dry. The good thing about painters tape is that it’s easy to remove, so you don’t have to worry about your child removing their work.

Final Words

Watercolor Paints. If you are more of a beginner painting enthusiast, try giving your children a go at watercolor paintings. Unlike oil paints, watercolor paints don’t have a sticky feel to them. They also take much less time to dry than oil paints. A great way to teach your kids about different colors and blending techniques is to show them how to blend different colors with water until they get a nice smooth effect.

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