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Why Modern Wall Art Black Is So Fascinating

modern wall art

Who wants to stare at an empty wall all day long? Obviously, no one. Therefore wall art is such an important essence of the decorating process. Decorating your house walls with stunning wall art relies on finding the sensational and modest balance. Your wall art collection says a lot about your personality, so you must […]

All Interesting Things You Need To Know About Shape Wall Art

shape wall art

Shape wall art never gets old style especially geometric prints. They are timeless and can be inserted into any décor style, whether contemporary style space, traditional or classical. Geometric shape wall art defines fresh and bold focal points of the space. By spending little money, you can add patterns, accents, designs, and colors to your […]

12 Amazing Rules of Graffiti Art

Rules of Graffiti

Graffiti art is an expressive and creative form of street art that has been around for centuries. It can be used to express opinions, tell stories, or add a splash of color to the urban landscape. Although it may seem like a chaotic mess on the outside, specific rules and techniques are involved in creating […]

Best Graffiti Markers

Best Graffiti

Graffiti is an art that represents diverse expressions and embellishes a wide range of vibrant hues. It looks like a chaotic vision of scribbled writings and drawings, but from an artist’s perspective, it exhibits an impressive art of complexity and fine details. Despite of artist’s skills and creativity, the other ingredient that makes graffiti art […]

Difference between Graffiti and Street Art

street art

It’s been a while since people used art to show their creativity and express their inner selves. Out of hundreds of art forms, the most popular among youngsters are Street art and Graffiti, which helped them in self-expression. Indeed, you’ve seen many buildings, walls, cars, bridges, trains, etc., concealed with painted murals and styled writings […]

Careers in the Painting world Is it Worth it

world painting

Painting is an exciting subject of Fine Arts, a different art world filled with colors and sketches. Painters use hues and sketches as a way to express their imagination. It is a built-in talent or trait that anyone can learn from scratch one must have skills and intuition about how it works. A few traits […]

Top Art Supply Gifts For Artists in 2022

Art Supply Gifts

What would be the best gift to buy for your artist pals on their next birthday? You can get anything but of course don’t want that to be an ordinary one. Artists are supposed to have a particular taste in everything and would love to have something which they can use to improve their skills […]

What Is The All Hype About Modern Art

Modern art

Modern art is a term used to define Artwork from illustrators, painters, architects, and painters during the mid-nineteenth and late-twentieth centuries. The term contemporary art often misunderstands modern art. Since both these terms are used to define something current, modern art emerged from the period when modernism was a whole new concept, and those new […]

How to Choose the Best Canvas for Painting? An Ultimate Guide

canvas painting

Artists love to paint on canvas, even though multiple surfaces are available for painting. Regarding surfaces to work on, Canvas painting pictures are considered the gold standard. One reason is they are readily available, sturdy, professional, and easy to hang on walls, doors, or any medium. They come in all types of sizes and shapes.  […]

Top 7 British Artists in The History of Art


Over the past few decades, British artists have made an enormous contribution to the art world. They have conquered the art world by significantly impacting European and global art evolution. Even people believed that they had introduced contemporary art. No one can deny their remarkable efforts in every facet of the artistic landscape and their […]

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