Top Art Supplies for Kids to Buy in 2023

art supplies for kids

As we know kids like to perform unique tasks and activities to express their feelings and desires. Therefore it’s crucial to provide them with a medium to explore their imagination, which will also improve their creative abilities. Moreover, ArtArt plays a key role in developing abilities and advancement in young ones. Kids like to paint everything that seems attractive to them. You can Choose best Qulity art supplies for kids with Free Shipping at your Home.

As per research, kids interested in arts are more likely to grab the concepts quickly and be eager to learn new things. Painting may be the best solution for parents to divert kids’ minds from smartphones and TV. Parents should choose the best quality art supplies for kids. Always prefer quality art material over quantity whenever you buy art supplies. In this guide, we will talk about all the kids drawing supplies. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Art Supplies for Kids

Colorful Art Material for kids

Kids love vibrant colors, and vibrant art material would instantly grasp their attention. That’s why buying colorful and attractive crafts would be enough to get their attention. Though when it comes to glue, you should always prefer buying white paste as colorful glue is made up of harmful chemicals. 

Easels and Chairs: 

To give a comfortable art experience to your kids, you must buy an artwork table and easel of suitable size according to your child’s age. You can also buy an adjustable easel that you can fix per your kid’s requirements. 

Multisided easels are available, so if your kids like multiple mediums where they can use pens, pencils and chalks, then you can definitely buy them. If your child wants to paint or draw with one hand and with the other hand, he likes to use a whiteboard. Then you need to choose an easel with shelves and store art supplies below the table to keep their supplies orderly. These tables are made to accommodate a wide range of artistic supplies.

Avoid Hazardous Art Materials supplies for kids

An essential thing is to check the Labels and chemicals used to make these art supplies. Because some of the materials contain poisonous chemicals that would be risky to use so, avoiding using such products is advisable. Therefore, you must check the label with extra care, and if the term.

“Non-Invasive” is written on the packaging, then you can surely buy that product since it’s safe for kids. 

Most of the time, labels can be fake, and shopkeepers sell products that include hazardous chemicals, which is prohibited for kids especially. Still, they sell them because they are more economical. Lead can cause serious health issues in children, so being a parent, you must buy all-natural art products and lead-free teenage art supplies.  

Regarding art, kids love complete freedom, so parents should take care of it. Kids like to get messy, mix up colors, waste paper, draw, and smash play dough. Through this, they learn to be creative, encouraging a holistic approach while at home. So, you need to search for the best quality art supplies for kids. You also need to figure out what art material must be included in their art bucket. Check out our must-have art supplies list for kids.

Tempera Paint Sticks for Kids 18 Colors (Pack of 1),

Product Details: 18 colors in the packet, Metallic, NontoxicNontoxic, Washable, Acid-free, Wood surface recommended.

Paint Sticks for Kids
Paint Sticks for Kids

Price: $22.91 on eBay

About Product:

  • Tempera paint sticks are nontoxic, acid-free, and eco-friendly, which are the safest art supplies for kids, adults, and experts. 
  • The round barrel is smooth and easy for kids to hold. 
  • No cracking and fading during colouring. 
  • It includes ten vibrant, six dazzling metallic, and two fluorescent colours. Kids can select which seems attractive to them. 
  • Their smooth and creamy texture makes them glide on easily and dry within seconds.
  • Washable and can be cleaned with water. 
  • Twisted lipstick design and no need to use brush and water. 
  • Tempera paint sticks are suitable for surfaces like wood, glass, canvas, paper, and ceramics. 

Crayola 24 Count Assorted Color Standard Size Crayons

Product Details: Assorted, 24/B, waterproof, permanent, effortlessly blending, eco-friendly, nontoxic, great for kids aged 4-8.

Price: $8.99 on eBay

About Product:

  • Crayola crayons are basic art supplies for kids. The pack includes all colors to motivate kids to doodle and color for hours without getting bored. 
  • Eco-friendly solar energy has been utilized to manufacture these crayons. 
  • They are sealed and packed in a double-layer coating to protect the crayons. 
  • A great collection of vibrant nontoxic colors. 
  • Every school-going kid must have this pack at home or in school.
  • Gives vibrant colors, easy blending and smooth laydown. 

Watercolor Paint Set Box For Kids School Tools Art Supplies

Product Details: Suitable for all four seasons, canvas and paper, professional quality.

Watercolor Paint Set Box For Kids
Watercolor Paint Set Box For Kids

Price: $11.61 on eBay.

About Product:

  • Every kid loves to paint with water colors because it involves dipping brushes in water, and kids love to play with water, so this one is must have art material for them.
  • The colour gives the professional quality, they are best used for school projects and assignments. 
  • They can be used in winter, summer, autumn and spring.
  • It gives the best result when used on canvas or paper. 
  • The set has 12 vibrant colours and a brush. 

Inscribe / Mungyo Artist’s Soft Pastels Box Set – 24, 32, 48 or 64 Colors:

Product Details: Highly pigmented, soft pastels, professional quality.

Artist’s Soft Pastels Box

Price: $9.99 on eBay.

About Product:

  • Pastel colours are the best art equipment for 10 years old and above. Kids use their fingers to smudge and make prints. Of course, the painting creates a lot of mess, but it’s okay. 
  • Inscribe pastels are UK’s bestselling soft pastels. They are highly pigmented and inexpensive.
  • Its square shape makes it best for detailed or block work, giving unparalleled results
  •  upon application. 
  • Cut with the craft knife to get sharp edges as per your liking. 
  • You can fix the colours with pastel fixative to get away from the dust and smudging. 
  • The set has a half-length of 2.5 cm stick pastels in a set of 24, 32. 48 or 74 colours. 

36 Premium Professional Coloring Pencils Set Colors Artist Therapy Kids Adults

Product Details: Durable, lightfast pencil pigments, a nontoxic, wide assortment of colours.

36 Premium Professional Coloring
36 Premium Professional Coloring

Price: $4.95 on eBay.

About Product:

  • This premium colour pencil set gives your kids attractive and colourful finished artwork. Perfect shading and balanced colour tone make art designs look unique and fascinating.
  •  It has lightfast and durable pigmentation that doesn’t get fade quickly.
  • Shading becomes easy with its constant and smooth leading.
  • Not only kids but adults can use it for sketching and doodling. 
  • It is non-toxic, which makes it a safe option for kids.
  • It is a good quality product which always gives satisfying results.
  • Box has 36 premium-quality colours.
  • It would be the best art gift for teenagers


A complete art set can be overwhelming for your little ones, who will be tempted to try it all at once and soon get bored with it. The intelligent thing to do is to separate ArtArt supplies one at a time. So your child can experience each one with great interest and will use it for a longer time. 

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