All Interesting Things You Need To Know About Shape Wall Art

shape wall art

Shape wall art never gets old style especially geometric prints. They are timeless and can be inserted into any décor style, whether contemporary style space, traditional or classical. Geometric shape wall art defines fresh and bold focal points of the space. By spending little money, you can add patterns, accents, designs, and colors to your room in the most interesting ways. You can make a statement with shapes and wall art designs in your desired place. Every art piece gives a different feel and looks due to different shapes and colors, i.e., squares, pentagons, circles, and diamonds. 

Geometric shape wall art is often found in living rooms over a fireplace, bathrooms over the sink or the shower area, kitchen and dining room. You likely won’t find them in the bedroom, where delicate and subtle patterns look better. This wall art looks great in office rooms by adding bolder touch and attractive designs. If you’re interested in renovating your office or house, this post will help you.

Tips for using distinct shape wall art in your house: 

  1. Analyze the Space Function:

Geometrical art creates a spatial beat in a space that helps define and easily process the surroundings. Shape wall art creates a peaceful atmosphere that lets the viewers relax and unwind, but this totally depends on the shape type. Likewise, when this art is used boldly, like in the children’s room, it creates a playful environment. However, it can also create a strong impact in entertaining areas or occasional dining rooms. 

One thing that must be considered while hanging shape art in any space is the sense of balance. That would be exhausting to set too many colors, shapes, or patterns altogether. This will create disruption and end up making your space stressful or congested. 

  1. Consider Color and Scale: 

The shape wall art is more likely to add vibrancy and motion to any room. It creates an impact based on color and scale that can be bold or subtle. To create a subtle and sophisticated look, experts suggest using a neutral color palette that tones up the energy with pulsing, playful colors in warm hues.

On the other hand, scale helps make a statement with geometric shapes and designs. Small-scale geometrics can take on a textured effect to give dimension and impact without being noticeable if you choose a more subtle approach. Mix different shapes and patterns with complementing hues to give a cohesive touch to the room.

  1. Create Steadiness:

Wall shape art enhances visual interest and adds personality to your interior. The crucial thing to remember when choosing shape art is to balance shapes and negative spaces to avoid unnecessary stuffing. Instead, go for softer shapes in rooms, like circles, ovals, etc. these shapes balance the sharp angles of squares and rectangles. The perfect spot to use wall art shapes is over the coffee tables. 

Shape art looks very trendy and uplifts the subtle tone of any space. Several online stores offer the best quality shape wall art at amazing prices. So let’s pick out our favorite ones. 

Circular Sun Tree Canvas Gold Foil Poster Art Print Wall Chic Picture Home Décor

Product specifications: Brand new, high quality, canvas, color: gold, 1cm=0.39 inch, and 1inch=2.54cm conversion. 

Price: US $6.09 on eBay

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Product Description: 

  • This poster print is printed on premium quality canvas, designed for canvas printing specifically.
  • It can be restored for a longer period.
  • The poster has vibrant hues.
  • This poster print looks stunning and can be framed and hung easily.
  • Great present to give for any occasion and hang for home decoration, especially in the living area and bedrooms. 
  • Frames are not included.

Retro Wall Art Posters 4xA4 70s 80s Music Scene Festival Nordic style Minimalist

Product specifications: Lustre photo paper, high quality, 29.7 cm height, brand new,  size up 12 inches.

Price: US $21.01 on eBay

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Product Description: 

  • Vibrant and attractive prints adorn any space.
  • Shapes and colors took form in the 70s and early 80s. 
  • Aesthetic and smooth-lined curved set inspired by retro art and retro poster designs. 
  • Minimalist design and hues palette allow these three sets to hang in any house room, especially looking fascinating on a minimalist white color living room wall. 
  • Each poster includes the northern European scene’s location and musical theme, presenting a unique north European 70a retro vibe. 
  • A stylish accent that will make any space a point of discussion for guests.
  • Frames are not included. 

Modern Abstract Geometric Posters Canvas Prints Wall Art Living Room Home Décor

Product specifications: Canvas, abstract painting, waterproof ink, Scandinavian décor, vertical rectangle shape, durable.

Price: US $9.75 on eBay

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Product Description: 

  • High-strength material used, 320gsm polyester canvas.
  • Giclee print technology and realistic colors are used, and it has a long service life.
  • Solid packaging with PVC tube, strong to protect prints.
  • Enlighten your space with this classy abstract art canvas painting—a cool addition to your interior. 
  • Frames are not included.
  • Colors may differ slightly from the picture posted due to lighting conditions and monitor settings.

Bauhaus Inspired Art Print, Shapes Art, Wall Art, Abstract Art, Home Décor

Product specifications: Bauhaus, Matte paper, geometric, item length and height variable, high-quality poster.

Price: US $24on eBay

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Product Description: 

  • Add a special touch to the walls. This premium quality print poster, available in multiple sizes, makes a statement with this trendy wall art.
  • It creates a personalized environment and gives a matte finish look.
  • In this poster, 175gsm fine art museum grade paper has been used that is archival, which means it can be kept for a longer time and won’t be turned yellow. 
  • Archival ink will make sure that print won’t get fade when exposed to sunlight daily.
  • It can be hung with frames, tacks, double-sided tapes, etc.
  • Frames are not included. 

Abstract Geometry Wall Art Canvas Print Painting Nordic Poster For Home Décor:

Product specifications: Abstract art poster, customization available, canvas, one pc, high resolution, high quality.

Price: US $5.99 on eBay

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Product Description: 

  • HD pictures printed on canvas, good quality, and high-resolution poster.
  • The poster is waterproof, and it is designed with environmental protection material.
  • Painting is printed by machine.
  • Light up the tone of bars, hotels, office rooms, coffee shops, homes, and restaurants, and it can be used as a party gift, wedding gift, etc.
  • Customization is available; get the poster of your choice.
  • The painting comes without a frame.


Since we love introducing different art style in our interior, shapes wall art does its job very well and create a classic vibe with its minimalistic touch. Give this art style a chance to pop out and entice your space.  

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