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If you have recently shifted or are planning on shifting to a new home and are constantly looking for new ideas to make your home stand out on a budget you have come to the right place. When it comes to decorating walls people usually pick out the fanciest frames and wall arts, decals but no matter how much you invest into these pieces it is still old news. To add spice to your home and make it look trendy and artsy you need to try this new rage that goes by the name, Canvas Art Prints. These prints will transform your home completely and win all the trends. These décor pieces are not paintings but actual images printed on a canvas, usually from an inkjet printer. Once you haves a printed canvas of your choice, you can either get it stretched into a frame or even go for a frameless border. Canvas prints stand out because they resemble oil and acrylic paintings but give you a major benefit of preserving photos. If you want to know more about the different types of canvas prints, keep reading.

Stock Images

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As the name suggests this type of canvas print usually allows you to pick and choose from a limited, pre- made print of stock photographs. There is no scope of customization or any sort of personalization in this form of canvas printing. The image you choose will be printed exactly the way it is. It can be a beautiful artwork by some famous painter, a quote or even some random clicks of nature, a scenery or a photo of your favorite animal. You can let your creativity run wild by selecting a photo that compliments the setting of the rest of your room.

Personalized or Custom Prints

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These are basically prints that allow you to incorporate your personal touches into the canvas. It is made from your own personal collection of photographs. This sort of print gives you the liberty of editing and creating your own piece through Photoshop. For example, if you wanted to get a family photo printed but do not have a picture that fits everyone into one frame you can simply Photoshop people into the photo and get it printed. You can add texts or quotes to your photos or even edit yourself standing next to your favorite celebrity for fun.


These printed canvases will add a bit of oomph to your otherwise boring walls and the best part is that they are so chic, you can incorporate them into your offices and workspaces in general to create a better atmosphere. If you are an artist or own a piece of art given by a loved one that you wish to preserve for a long time you can get them printed and put them on display without worrying about it getting spoiled. They also act as really thoughtful gifts, you can get a photo or memory printed and give them out as gifts.

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