A Guide To Buying Abstract Canvas Art

abstract canvas art

What exactly is abstract canvas art? This is a question that can provoke many different answers among art enthusiasts. As with any subject that is studied extensively, there will be differing opinions on this subject. However, there are certain characteristics that can be agreed upon by those that are most familiar with this type of art.

A common characteristic of abstract paintings is that they are very colorful. What makes them so attractive is that their use of paint is minimal, if present at all. What is more common is the use of bright contrasting colors to provide a “busy” appearance. What is unknown is whether this was done to make the painting more appealing or if the colors had already been selected by the artist prior to the painting being completed.

Abstract Canvas Art

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Another common characteristic of a piece of DIY abstract art is the use of texture. This is most commonly seen in oil-based acrylic paints. The blending of colors, whether using multiple layers or just applying a thinned-out version of a color, will leave the viewer with a visual that is rich with texture. Achieving a consistent level of thickness in the paint and the selection of the different textures that are used can help create a visually interesting painting.

Many times an abstract canvas art painting will have a clear focus or theme. Sometimes this is tied into the overall message that the artist wishes to convey. However, another reason why the painting can appear to be disorganized can be attributed to the actual creation process. For instance, if a painting is created in a hurry, there may not be enough time to achieve a cohesive look. In this situation, painting the background first, and then filling in the details later, will create a painting that has a sense of depth and a sense of flow.

One final characteristic of abstract canvas wall art is the usage of shadows and harsh edges. There are two distinct ways that a paint artist can achieve this effect. The first method uses a flat brush that is shadowed over the image. The second method uses very subtle highlights that can create a sense of depth. Both

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It is easy to see how an artist can create bold and interesting color combinations. Creating these types of dramatic color tones is made possible through the application of a varying number of thinned and blended paint colors. Depending on the color choices and the thickness of the paint used, the end result will depend on the effect that is desired. Some artists use only one or two types of thick paint colors, while others apply several layers of thinner colors. The blending of the paints can also be done using just brush strokes or with the use of the digital art software program.

Another characteristic of abstract paintings that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd is the inclusion of texture. Texture can be achieved using a variety of different mediums. Paint, ink, and markers can all be used to add the appearance of 3-dimensional images to an abstract canvas wall art. Even the application of paint and brushes can be altered to create interesting brush strokes and to add shading and depth to the image.

Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, this form of artwork is not usually purchased by its owner but rather by those who are interested in it. This is due in part to the difficulty in determining if an abstract painting truly has any type of depth or dimension. There is also a level of risk involved in purchasing an abstract canvas art. Because of its lack of clarity, it is very common for acrylic paint paintings to contain flaws. When purchasing abstract art you should be prepared to take this risk.

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