5 Amazing Art Facts To Impress Your Friends And Any Gallery-Goer (# 4 Is Very Weird… And Funny) 

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The Mona Lisa Has A Personal Mailbox In The Louvre

5 Amazing Art Facts
5 Amazing Art Facts

Mona Lisa has a personal mailbox because of all the love letters she receives. Through the years, many have been victims of the portrait’s ‘limpid and burning eyes, ‘ leaving her flowers, poems, and love notes. In 1852, Luc Maspero took this zeal to a new high, segmenting a hotel balcony because “for years I have grappled desperately with her smile. I prefer to die.” Who expected anyone to appreciate the work of art darkly? When Mona Lisa got stolen from the Louvre in 1991, it attracted visitors to see the space it left on the wall.

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