3 Fun And Easy Canvas Art Ideas For Kids

3 Fun And Easy Canvas Art Ideas For Kids

Kids leave their marks in the house as they grow up and you would definitely want to save those memories in one way or another. And what can be better than filling up the walls with the arts your kids make themselves. So, if you want to keep those walls fill up with your kids’ beautiful canvas art, then we have quite a few easy ideas for you and your kids.

In this article, we are going to share the top three canvas art ideas for kids that will bring out your kids’ inner artists.

So, let’s dig in…

Painting An Art With Color Pouring

3 Fun And Easy Canvas Art Ideas For Kids
3 Fun And Easy Canvas Art Ideas For Kids

If you’re looking for canvas art ideas for kids, this type of painting is the way to go. This type of painting encourages you to keep the techniques in the sideline and let you pour color freely onto the canvas.

You will need:

  • A thick paper and a large board.
  • Watercolor and paintbrushes.
  • Painting tape and bottle spray.
  • A bowl

The process:

  • Put the thick paper on the board making sure that you pin every side of it with the board properly.
  • Wet a paintbrush with clear water and paint it all over the paper.
  • Next, just pour the watercolor on the paper and tilt the paper along with the board in different directions. Allow the color to spread all over the board freely.
  • Pour multiple colors to create more exciting patterns and create as many layers of patterns as you want.
  • Once you’re done, tilt the canvas to the bowl to clear the excess paint and let it dry.

Painting Using Tapes: Canvas Art Ideas

3 Fun And Easy Canvas Art Ideas For Kids
3 Fun And Easy Canvas Art Ideas For Kids

This is one of the most fun yet easiest canvas art ideas any kid would like. The basics of this painting type is to use tapes to prevent specific places from getting colored and create the design you desire in the process.

For this, you will need:

  • Papers you can use watercolor on.
  • Bright painting tape and salt crystals.
  • Watercolor.

The Process:

  • Sketch an outline for a flower with light hands and let your kid put the tap all over the flower’s outline. Make sure your kid put the tape in the right way since that will be the design of the flower after everything is complete.
  • After your kid put the tapes in the right places, let him paint the flower and its surrounding areas as he/she wishes.
  • After your kid finish coloring, put the salt crystals all over the canvas and then color it again. Then, let the color dry.
  • After the drying process is over, shake off the remaining salt.
  • Now, carefully take the tapes out. And now, you will have a white flower design on a colorful canvas.

Painting Using Yogurt And Color: Canvas Art Ideas

In this style, you will just mix yogurt and paint to create something you have probably never seen before.

For This, You Will Need:

  • Yogurt and edible paint
  • A bowl
  • Paper

The Process:

  • First, make various different mixtures of yogurt and paint to create various shades that you will use in the main painting.
  • Now, spread the paper you have right on the surface and keep the bowls of paint around it.
  • Now, let your kid use the paints to create unique art on the paper by painting with their own fingers.

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